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Im legit laughing while typing this. Jason's new segment has hit new heights with this one. The infamous "Poop Knife". Listen in as he dives into this weird family's bowel issues. Download the podcast on iTunes!
Jdub's segment is blistering in heat right now! We dive into the weird kid in class..... everyone had one. If you didn't, then it was most likely YOU. We all grow up to be great adults in society, but as children, there is always a weird kid. Oh, and we dive into Slaats and I's class bathroom break brawls we had for about a month straight.
Cor dives into a big week of whats in and out. Listen as he discusses what has made it up the ranks on both sides throughout the past two weeks with Jdub and Big Pac!
Slaats wants to tell Everyone about his rollercoaster ride of living with the Neis'. Through all the ups and downs, he will tell all
Cor's own little segment on what is in and out in his life from week to week. See what made the list on the good and bad side!
Our Topic of the Day that is chosen by the listeners was our best "running from cops" story. Cor dives into the infamous New Year's Eve party where he ran from the car and cop...GOT BACK IN THE VEHICLE... and ran.. AGAIN! Listen in as this epic story is hilarious!