Good Vibes and Big Heart


Positivity Challenge


“You look beautiful”…”You brighten up my world because…” How often to do we grumble about the negatives in our life and forget to focus on the positives? How often do we look at someone we love and admire them for who they are, but never quite tell them all they bring to our lives? We are quick to say things that make us unhappy, but hold back those things that make us feel good or bring joy to our lives.

I was thinking of this today as I felt my day spiral down into a blaze of negativity…I felt myself getting angrier by the minute and knew if I didn’t change my attitude that my day was just going to get worse. I forced myself to stop, take a deep breath and think of all of the things that I was thankful for in my life. While I can’t control the negative things that happen in my life, I can control the responses I have to them and the thoughts I have for them.

While in my timeout (yeah, that’s what I called it), I looked around my office and I was reminded of all the amazing people I get the opportunity to share this life with! Each one of the items pictured above were because someone I love and care about didn’t keep that positive thought in, they let it out and showed me, told me how important I was to them. I have always loved the saying:

“Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, ‘I really love you.’ They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, ‘I just really love you.’”

Several times a day, I think this about the people that I love. Several times a day I think about how lucky I am to be blessed with so many beautiful humans! Several times a day, I have the exact thought above. So many times I tell these people and sadly, too often I keep those thoughts locked up in my own head.

I challenge you and (myself) to tell the people you care about, the people you love, the Gamechangers in your life; how much they mean to you!! Call someone, send them a text, write a card; whatever it is that you need to do, but take the time to focus on the positivity! I think my heart is pretty big, but it’s amazing to me how much bigger it gets when I take the time to appreciate and give thanks to those that mean the world to me! You never know, those people might be having a bad day and need to hear it too! Don’t limit your positive thought to just you, let the whole world know; you’d be surprised what a difference it can make!

IMG_7811 (1).JPG


I always thought it would be fun to write descriptions for Humane Society’s capturing the personality of each animal in a fun way. This is Dewey and his would read:

Have you ever wanted a companion each and every time you go to the bathroom, even when you shut the door? What about hair ties? Do you have an excess amount of them that you want to find in every spot you ever look? Plastic you need licked, extensively? Do you get flowers and want your vases broken? Maybe you thought it would be a cool to have a cat that flicks his tail every time you say his name? Or who talks to you when you say his name, even though you can’t understand each other, you can carry on a good 5 minute conversation? Do you dream about sleeping in, but think it would be even more wonderful to get your nose bitten so that you wake up? Maybe you need a fury companion, that’s a lot of fun to have around, but still give you moments when you think he’s a complete a**hole? Look no further, Dewey is the cat for you!



Song(s) on heavy rotation at the moment! LOVE this colabo!!! It’s music to my ears!!!! I think this is going to be 2019 song of the, dare I say it, summer!!



Last week I was worried, I didn’t feel well and I didn’t turn music on all week. It scares me when I get this way because music makes me so happy! This weekend I found two songs that made me smile…the one above and this one!! We all need a little help sometime, we just have to be brave enough to ask!

MY HAPPY/SheaStyle MashUp

OMG I can’t even tell you how much I have missed this place!! I was out for two weeks tackling my yearly fight with pneumonia and I FINALLY feel good enough to start working out tonight!!! I am so freaking excited!! 

I used to be a person that would work out through just about anything, I thought that it showed my strength and honestly I thought that if I were to leave for awhile I would be forgotten. I wasn’t super great about listening to my body because I was too wrapped up in my insecurities to take the time to listen to what my body needed.

This time around things were different. I listened to what my body was telling me. I didn’t have fears of being replaced or worry that people would forget about me if I didn’t show up. For the first time in my life, I understood what my worth was even though I couldn’t make it there, I knew that the people were going to love me just the same.

I have an amazing group of friends that I have grown up with all of my life and nothing could ever take their place. I have an incredible family I was blessed with who I think the world of and am beyond grateful for. I have a handful of extraordinary friends outside the gym walls that I can turn to for anything and my heart flows over just thinking about them. I have struggled as an adult finding friends that can give me the same comfort I have had most of my life. I’ve gotten frustrated and blamed myself when connections weren’t made or sadly severed. I thought that I was unworthy, I thought I was easily replaceable and that I could be forgotten. I didn’t understand how important I was.

I tell you this because what I have found in these four walls is something I have been looking for all of my life, I have found me. That's not to say that everyone I have already mentioned didn’t play a huge role in that because they have, but there are some pretty important people that lie within these walls that have helped peel back a few more layers of what I thought I was and replaced it with things I know that I am. This place brings me so much excitement and holds a special place in my heart, not just in the lessons it teaches, but the people that lie within it.

I know there are a lot of people that have experienced the same things that I have. There are people searching for their place in this world. There are people that have cried over people they have lost. They have thought they were doing everything wrong and dang it they felt like they didn’t matter. The best advice I can give is that if it doesn’t feel right, if you are sadder than you ever imagined, if you feel like you just don’t belong, if you feel like you are not where you need to be. Keep trying new relationships, keep loving, keep fighting and keep opening up new doors because I promise you, one of those doors will feel like home. One of those doors will replace all of the hurt, all the insecurities with more love than you could ever imagine. This place right here was that for me!  I am beyond blessed and thankful for all that I have been given in my life, even the hurt because without the hurt, I would never truly understand all the amazing I have been given. And right now, in my life, I am surrounded by the BEST!

I told you, you would get sick of me talking about this place, but it’s like a song in my heart that I can’t stop playing. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, they aren’t lying.


“In business, people negotiate to win. They negotiate to get what they want. Maybe you're too used to that. Love is different. Love is when you are as concerned about someone else's situation as you are about your own.”—Tuesdays with Morrie

Nothing Butta love for you all!