Within the HATE, You Find the LOVE!


Crazy For CrazyLegs!

(Photo Credit: Fandy)

(Photo Credit: Fandy)

Do I love to run? F**K NO! Did I come in first place? Nope! Was I the last of my friends to finish? Sure was! Would I do it again?  Absolutely! Minus the terrible cold that I got afterwards (I’m chalking that up to coincidence), Crazylegs has been one of my favorite events the last couple of years; not because running is my favorite pastime (it’s actually an activity I dread), but because I believe I learn more about myself each and every time I do it. I don’t go out there to be the fastest and quite honestly I don’t go out there to beat my previous time; I go out there to prove to myself that despite how I feel or what I think my limitations are, if I put my mind to it, I can do almost anything!

Too many times in the past I have done things because of people’s expectations of me or because I didn’t want to let anyone down. I would be half excited about it and just trudge on because I knew it was something I should do; this year’s race I did for me. Some of my friends were walking and some were running and while my heart was torn on which direction I should go, I took a closer look into what it was that I wanted. I knew that putting those headphones on, getting lost in my music and running/walk this race and completing the whole 8k was something that my soul would forever be grateful for!

As I was rounding the second mile I looked around and just took in the different walks of life that were racing with me. They didn’t care who I was or that I was carrying and extra 100 pounds or that my breathing was often times heard from, what I felt like, miles away; they were all just running their own race. Too often in life we get so caught up in what others are thinking about us; that we forget, they aren’t thinking of us at all. They are just going through their days trying to be the best they can be and trying to finish this race we call life.

Whether you walk, run, crawl or however you choose to get there, make sure that when you cross that finish line that you are doing it for the heart that beats in your chest, not the for the one that beats in another. We get more out of the race if we put more of OUR own heart in it! That smile you see above is not because I finally finished a daunting and difficult race, it is not because of the amazing people that were there waiting for me (Okay, those guys I LOVE and make me smile all of the time), but that big smile on my face was because I finally did something for me! I did something difficult for me!! I pushed on and I completed a task that I HATE, for me!

So will I run CrazyLegs again? Yep. Why you ask? Because this year I learned an important lesson about doing things for myself, why would I ever prevent myself from learning more amazing lessons. Each race, each difficult task, each grueling moment of our life teaches us a little more about the person we are supposed to be and God knows I am in love with the person that I am becoming!

I hope you challenge yourself and you do the things you HATE doing so that you too can slowly fall in LOVE with the amazing person that you are!! I also hope that it doesn’t take you 41 years to do it, but however long it takes, know that there is a person inside of you that deserves all of the love you give to others!!

Keep racing, keep fighting and above it all, keep SMILING!

My friend (love you Hagerty) and I were having a conversation this weekend about music. We both love it so much, but for some reason we can never quite love the same songs. It’s actually quite hysterical because we know this and laugh instantly when we send each other a song to listen to. Anyways she summed it up quite nicely: “When you listen to music, you listen to hear. When I listen to music, I listen to feel.” . That truly is one of the most raw explanations of music that I have ever heard. Some people listen for the words and some listen for the beat! However you listen, music is magical! This was one of the songs that I listened to while I was running Crazylegs and while it has a good tempo, the words meant everything to me! So no matter if you listen to hear or listen to feel; I hope in one way or another you listen! Not sure if it is Hagerty approved, but for sure it is Shea approved :)

I was a little late on my blog this week as I was under the weather for a couple of days and I got caught up in the whirlwind of life, so the quote below is not from Tuesdays with Morrie, but a quote I put on the graduation cards we are giving the kids that graduate in my department. Take the time to think about it and the limitations you are putting on yourself. There is an open canvas of opportunities for you each and every day, you just have to believe in yourself enough to take that first step! Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a Hellish week, but as I said above, I always found a reason to smile! Big hugs and all of the love to you!!

‘The Horizon Leans Forward, Offering You Space To Place New Steps of Change.”-Maya Angelou

Nothing Butta love for you all!