Perception vs Reflection


Be careful

Objects appear uglier than they are…

Somedays I get up and look in the mirror and I am in love with all that is looking back at me. Somedays I wake up look in the mirror; notice an extra chin, my hair isn’t quite right, a face that seems off and it takes everything in me to find something to love about the reflection I see.

This whole concept above boggles my mind because I find that everyone that I love looks amazing in my eyes no matter if their hair is down, up, make up on or off; to me they are incredible and beautiful however they present themselves to the world.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?  Why do we accept the people that we love just the way that they are, but the magnifying glass comes out when we start looking at ourselves?

What I have come to realize is that our feelings distort our perception.  We are having a good day, look in the mirror and someone amazing is staring back at us. Have a bad day and that beautiful human turns into a grumpy troll that we feel needs to be locked away and hidden from the rest of the world. Does our image actually change or does our attitude miss the mark?

Like the camera on our phone; often times we look at it and the picture is crisp and beautiful, another time we look through it and it’s blurry and distorted, but then we wipe it off and the image is once again beautiful. On those days when you feel “less” than, take the time to really examine your mentality; focus, wipe away the bad thoughts and take another look; I’d like to think the person you now see is the same person you saw yesterday and the day before.

Next time you get out that microscope and start focusing on all that you aren’t, try and think about all that you are. The person looking back in the mirror deserves the same love, compassion and understanding as those that take up space in your heart; probably more. Don’t let a bad day cloud the person you were yesterday, you’re still the same person, this bad day only reflects, you might just need a little more love!


Just a couple of thugs basking in the sun

Flash looks as if the Pizza just arrived and Squirt looks like he is guilty of something (someone check the carpets…STAT)!!! ***As I have mentioned, Squirt likes the comfort of our carpet to do his “business”

Flash looks as if the Pizza just arrived and Squirt looks like he is guilty of something (someone check the carpets…STAT)!!! ***As I have mentioned, Squirt likes the comfort of our carpet to do his “business”



Often times I am innocently watching a tv show or movie, just enjoying it and then a song starts playing and I start paying attention to the words of the song and how it makes me feel and how it relates to what’s happening in the show or movie at the time and walla that is how I find some of the best songs. This amazing song came from Grey’s Anatomy (happily that is where I find a lot of amazing songs)…it’s so good. Just another reminder that no matter what, someone is always there!


Because I can’t get enough of him, he’s back! Mr. Kid President! If this video doesn’t make you laugh, we can’t be friends! (Who’s buying me a corndog?)



Change the Game

Jess, thank you for telling me this book was a little over an hour on audible as I have listened to it twice! If you are looking for a quick read or just something to pass along the time, this book is one of my favorites... at the moment!

“Strength is a full gamut. You’ve got to be strong from top to bottom, but you also have to raise your and and say, “I’m feeling weak right now. I need some help.” There is true strength in being able to ask for help.”—Abby Wambach, Forward: A Memoir

The Unexpected

This weekend was the best! Got away from the hometown and off to bond with the family! We all sat down and watched this movie and it was one of the best movies I have seen in quite some time. It appealed to everyone, my 12 year old daughter can’t stop talking about how good it was! Great acting and even more amazing story!

“It takes courage to change people’s hearts.”—Green Book


Maybe not for mixed company

I’m sure all of you are waiting at the edge of your seat to see what I made DELICIOUS this weekend, well wait no more it was (drum roll please) Knock You naked bars…I’m happy to report everyone kept their clothes on after eating them; although thinking about it maybe I didn’t make them right…and they kept them on because they weren’t impressed. However, I found them quite delicious, maybe a little too much as I consumed 2 in one sitting! Note to reader: don’t buy new glass pans before attempting a new recipe, thrice baked bars are now a thing, but still just as tasty!

The one where Shea works out…

The one where Shea works out…

Photo Credit: CrazyBirdLady Photography

Photo Credit: CrazyBirdLady Photography

Week 3 (ish) of my mission on finding balance: I’m happy to report, I have yet to master it. I’m not even sure I have a pinky hold on it.

I wish that I could rub a lamp, wave a wand, say some words no one understands and magically become the size that I have always wanted to be, but unfortunately or maybe fortunately that isn’t how this story of me finding balance is going to end.

I was thinking about this over the weekend as I was talking with some people and explaining how much “I love to workout”; which was great, but I followed it up with “I know, I don’t look like it.”. ..and then it dawned on me how hard I am on myself. Why can’t I assume that people are looking at me and thinking what a “bada**” I am or how strong I look; instead of me thinking they think “You workout?” (said in their head in a disgustingly way) or “Sure you do.”.

I am the happiest I have been in a very long time, while I am not satisfied with the way I look, I am happy with the way I look. I have learned to love the person on the inside and have given her the resources she needs to love the person she has worked so hard to become. Yeah, in my eyes, I look like a girl that loves to pound down some good food because well, I do, but I need to work on not painting a picture of how others might view me.

I am insecure about my body because my body doesn’t look like a “typical workout” body. I don’t have chiseled abs, I have an extra wiggle on my underarm when I wave and the mid-drift my stomach has also duplicates as an extra sofa for my cat, but what I can do is leg press more than some men, I have a deadlift weight I am proud of and relatively speaking, I am quite strong.

I think too often we (I say we because there are some people that would look at me and not believe that I workout) get it stuck in our head the way a person should look being an athlete (yes at 41 years old, I am an athlete). But athletes can come in all shapes and sizes; if anything, I am saying this to remind myself the next time I say “I workout a lot”, I am going to leave it at that: “I workout a lot.”.

Even though workout bodies come in all shapes and sizes, that does not mean that I won’t get excited about the one ab that likes to make its appearance every now and again, or my chiseled shoulders (yeah, its a thing) or days that I am looking extra svelte because while a workout body shouldn’t conform to a certain size, it’s nice to see when your hard work is paying off.

This, honestly is my journey. This is as raw as I can be and I share these personal struggles because I believe, in one way or another, we all experience the same things.

Life is like a teeter totter and every day we try to balance it; some days we go all the way to the ground, some days we go way up to the sky and every day we keep correcting it trying to get it equally balanced; I am not sure there is such a thing as equally balanced, but if we have more good days than bad, I believe we are doing something right. My weight loss journey is no different and today, what I have described to you, is me trying to get it right!

‘Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.’ —Tuesdays with Morrie

Nothing Butta love for you all!