The Construction Zone


The puzzle of life

Not everything fits and that’s okay…

Have you ever had someone say “You love too hard” or “You try too much”?  I have.  While I took those words to heart and I tried to change the person that I was, what I found is that it wasn’t true.  I am me, I don’t need to make myself, my feelings, my emotions smaller, just because someone views it as too much.  There are times when you are going to feel like you are too much for some and not enough for others, but those are the times you need to remember most, that you are always enough just the way that you are.

Like puzzle pieces we move along through life trying to find the places where we fit.  Sometimes we force ourselves into spots that seem like a good fit, only to be pushed out and moved to places where we fit snuggly, never to be moved again.   We move, slide, force, attach and smoothly connect, eventually forming a beautiful picture of our life.   

It’s easy to get frustrated in the process.  It’s easy to beat ourselves up thinking that we are not enough or possibly even too much, but when we are experiencing those feelings, we need to decide if these are people that complete our picture or ones that we are so excited to have fit, but find that they are just not the missing pieces we are looking for.  That’s not to say those people aren’t amazing and beautiful people because they are, they are just not people that complete your picture. 

Don’t ever change the person that you are.  Keep loving with all that you have, keep being everything that you are.  The world needs more of you!  If people are telling you to be anything than what you were meant to be; wish them well, love them hard and free that space for someone that was meant to be in it.  Eventually that hole that was left empty, will be filled with more amazing than you could ever ask for and complete you in a way that you have never felt before.

Puzzles are hard, it’s disappointing when we think we have found the missing piece, but oh my goodness, how amazing it is when we find the right ones!  Be thankful for the wrongs ones as they give you greater appreciation for the right ones and my friend don’t you ever think that what you have is something no one wants because I promise you, you are the missing piece to several people’s puzzles! 

Don’t change the person that you are to fit inside someone else’s world and don’t expect others to change to fit inside of yours; the puzzle only comes together when everyone is allowed to be exactly who they are, bent up corners and all.


High Five for Tuesdays

No matter how your day is going; always give someone a High Five or a hug!

No matter how your day is going; always give someone a High Five or a hug!



If you follow me on Snap, you know I post a lot of music. If a song moves me for whatever reason, I will snap it and add it to my story. I put this song on my story a couple of weeks ago and it has been on constant rotation because it has a great rhythm and an even more amazing message! If things are going wrong and you feel like giving up, remember things always get better you just have to get up and keep moving! I hope you like it as much as I do!





Whole30 Hell-O

If you suffered through Whole30 with me, you already have this recipe, but if you didn’t, this recipe is a must!!! It is literally one of my favorite soups, lots of flavor, filling and soooo good!

Bonfire, Beer and Summer Oh My

The sun is out and I’m over here dreaming about summer. If you don’t know, I LOVE hard ciders! I am honestly not a big drinker, but hard cider in a cold glass and I am like a kid in a candy store! This is one of my FAVORITES! Rush to your local store and pick yours up today (Only my readers of legal age—21 years old or older—kids don’t try this at home or anywhere until you are 21).


Because it’s still not summer

I’m 41 years old and I have never appreciated the sweatshirt more in my life! They are so comfy, warm and if they have a hood…added bonus! I went and visited The608 shedquarters last week and purchased a couple of their awesome sweatshirts; this is one of my favorites! Go check out all of their amazing products …they will not disappoint!

The one where Shea is under construction…

The one where Shea is under construction…


We’re all under construction! We all have points in our life where we wish we could go back to and points in our life where we wish that we could erase. Each and every day we get to pick up the pen and write our stories; it is essentially up to us which direction we want our life to go.

Be kind to yourself. Know that you are loved. Understand that a smile on your face doesn’t mean there isn’t sadness in your heart and be okay with that! Let your emotions fill you up, work through them and allow yourself to just “be”…if that is what it takes.

Construction is messy; it requires a lot of signs, misdirection, wrong turns and uncertainties. Sometimes we just have to stop, blow our whistle and ask for help! The girl above has been under a lot of construction, has gotten lost and sometimes has even driven into the ditch, hitting several trees; but each and every day she gets up and tries again!

We aren’t meant to be perfect, that is not why we were placed here! We are meant to have flaws, bad days, weeks, months, sometimes…even years! We are not defined by our perfections, we are loved for our imperfections! Allow yourself to be imperfect and most of all understand that when you are not feeling very loveable, like you don’t matter, like you are the worst person on this planet; remember you are loved more than you could ever imagine and most likely loved even more on those days.

The girl above often times wore a smile when her heart hurt, the days when she didn’t feel like smiling, she felt like no one was going to love her, that no one was going to want to be around her; she forgot that while people loved seeing her smile; it’s not why they loved her!

Don’t you ever forget that no matter what kind of construction you are under; the people that love you won’t be deterred by the caution tape you put up; they’ll drive right through!

‘The most important thing in life is learn how to give out love, and let it come in.’ —Tuesdays with Morrie

Nothing Butta love for you all!