The Holidays Being Over, Sports Talk, New Years, & More!

We’re back. The holidays are unfortunately over and now we are all getting back into our normal routines again.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, stayed safe, and got to enjoy some time with family and friends. I always love when everyone is back in town and you get a chance to go out with some buddies and catch up with some family who you haven’t seen in a while. I hope everyone had the ability to enjoy the same.

First of all, bowl season did NOT disappoint. The New Years Six bowls and all the other major bowls that happened over the last week kept me glued to the TV no matter where I was at!

How about the Badgers! Where was that for most of the year! Is Miami just that bad or our we starting something to carry forward to next year? I know I’m excited for next year already! We get back 3 of our starting offensive lineman from last year and bring in a 5 star OT and a 4 star OT, among the backups who are probably super talented as well. Also, we get back the nations leading rusher, Jonathon Taylor, who once again went OFF in the Pin Stripe Bowl. Also, Graham Mertz is coming to town, who is the #3 QB in the nation and just came off throwing an Army All American Game record 5 touchdowns! Watching that game, I don’t know if he had a bad ball all game to be honest. He enrolls in school on Monday and will be all ready to go for spring practices. I’m not saying he’s going to be ready to start as a true freshman or writing off Coan and Hornibrook, but I’m just excited for a good QB competition and for what the future holds for this program. With Paul Chryst bringing in the best recruiting class ever at Wisconsin, I think the future continues to be bright!

Monday is the final college football game of the season, so we need to hit on that for at least a minute. Clemson and Alabama facing off in the playoffs for the 4th year in a row (3 out of the 4 in the championship game). I wasn’t sold on Clemson, mainly because of their schedule, but damn did they look good verse a pretty good Notre Dame team. They made Notre Dame look like they didn’t belong on the same field. Clemson’s defense is GOODDDD, their running game is top 10 in the nation, and Trevor Lawrence has a live enough arm to keep defenses honest and strike for some big plays. He’s really showing that Dabo made the right move to name him officially as the starter. Alabama on the other hand did exactly what they thought they would do and easily took care of Oklahoma. It was an 11 point final, but the game never felt like it wasn’t in Alabama’s hands. This brings us to a great showdown on Monday night. With the line being set at 4.5 in favor of Alabama right now, I think we are set for an exceptional matchup! I know I can’t wait!

The NFL playoffs are now under away as well, as wild card weekend has kicked off. While I’m writing this, the Colts just took a 14-0 lead over the Texans, which is not surprising as the Colts are hot and have some exceptional young talent. The Cowboys play the Seahawks tonight, which should be a great, hard fought battle in Dallas. Tomorrow we are looking at the old Phillip Rivers and the Chargers at the young and energizing Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. I’m rooting big time for Phillip Rivers to get a ring or at least make a run, so I’m hoping the Chargers find a way to sneak out a win. The last game of the weekend is the Eagles at the Bears. Can the Eagles stay hot and Nick Foles keep rolling? Or will the Bears and their stellar defense shut them down and keep things moving forward in Chicago? I like the Bears chances here, but it should be a fun one to watch.

A short bit about the NBA. HOW ABOUT THE BUCKS! BUCKS IN 6! First place in the east and absolutely rolling right now! I love the George Hill trade, which has paid off so far to be great, and love the way Brook Lopez and the other off season moves have transformed this team into an exciting and East leading squad. I don’t expect them to hold the 1 seed all year, but even top 3 is a major improvement and would set us up nice to make a run in the playoffs. Giannis has been amazing and probably MVP worthy right now. He blows my mind how much of an absolute freak he is. Two steps from half court and dunks the ball? Insane. We have to mention Middleton as well, who has been playing and shooting great lately. If he’s hot and Giannis keeps this up, they will be tough to stop! I’m all in on this Bucks squad and am excited for what it has to come in the next couple months of the season. One more piece to hit on in the NBA is James Harden’s performances lately, especially the one he put up Thursday night to beat the Warriors in Golden State without CP3 and Eric Gordon. If you have not had a chance to check out the shots he hit late in regulation to send it to OT and the one he hit in OT to win it, you need to! Impressive and cold blooded. This dude is back to his MVP ways and is going to give Giannis one heck of a race for the MVP.

The last thing to touch on for sports is the Badgers basketball team. I don’t know what’s going on, but we need to get something figured out. Our offense just is struggling and seems stagnant. We need to find a way to get more players involved and get some more scoring. Two tough losses this past week. Penn State is up tomorrow night, so the Big 10 doesn’t allow much time to sit there and whine about it. The brutal schedule of the Big 10 is great as it gives you opportunities to get some impressive wins, but it can get you down in a hurry! I’m confident the team can bounce back and get back on a roll, but the time is now!

It’s that time of year now for New Years Resolutions! I’m not huge on focusing on one of them, because I find them kind of cliche, but I think it gives us the opportunity to point out a way to better ourselves. I know a lot of people go with working out/losing weight. I think that’s a great one! I’m huge on working out, as I try to do it about 5 times a week. I usually run at least 2 miles before my workouts and then do at least 2 cardio based. I’m in the process of getting a couple of buddies to join me in my workouts and trying to help them out, and it’s actually been going good so far. I always enjoy when you have a partner to do the workouts with, as I think it just makes it easier. If you’re ever interested in some of my workouts, get a hold of me and let me know, as I would be more than willing to share. You can pick and choose what you like and modify it to what fits you best. I’m not asking for you to jump in and run 2 miles and do the same exact cardio based circuits I do, but modify it to what fits you and find a way to get started. I think that’s a great New Years resolution.

Personally, my New Years resolution is to save some more money and not buy unnecessary items. I have an awful habit of wanting something and having to get it immediately. Sometimes I don’t fully consider how much I actually NEED it or even if I will use it enough to make the purchase worth it. I enjoy going out with my friends, so I don’t plan to cut that out, but I need to make sure the purchases I make contain more of a decision process than how I usually make them. If you know me, then you know how much of a shoe fetish I have. I love shoes and have probably wayyyyy too many of them already. I have two sisters and I can pretty much guarantee I have more shoes than both of them combined. That’s something I need to get under control and maybe see if they are worth it or not. Just my personal New Years resolution and what I am working towards to better myself in the long run.

As I’m writing this, it is currently almost 50 degrees outside and sunny, which is unbelievable for the beginning of January. It just doesn’t seem right. I feel like we should have a foot of snow on the ground and instead we have none. I’m not complaining about being able to get some stuff done outside and enjoy going for a walk, but I’d prefer to have at least a little bit of a winter. However, since the weather is the way it is, get outside and enjoy yourself! Get some stuff done you’ve been waiting to do or go for a walk with a friend. Get some fresh air and enjoy it while we can!

Thanks again for checking in and reading my blog. I really enjoy doing this and look forward to the future of doing it! Stay tuned for more to come!

Brandon Slaats