So, Here We Go


So, here we go. My first blog. My name is Brandon Slaats and I am honored to be a member of the608. Being from Kieler, WI, and pretty much living right in this area my whole life, the608 means a ton to me. It emphasizes the small town atmosphere that all of us from this area are so familiar with and love to take in. It’s all about supporting local small businesses, just like the608, that keep our community running strong. Whether it be the local small town bar that everyone gathers at or at the small town arts and crafts shop that you can get some amazing Christmas decorations to bring holiday spirit to those around you, we are all part of the608.

I am lucky to call the owner, Corey Kaiser, one of my best friends, and he has allowed me to use this as a platform to grow my own brand and support the608 at the same time. This is a great opportunity for many other young professionals in the area who just want to make their voices be heard. Whether it be from chatting about sports, like I mostly will, giving your opinions about news topics around the world, or just speaking your mind, this gives you the opportunity to do so and I am grateful for that. You are always encouraged to join us and support all of the608.

I plan to blog hopefully once or twice a week. I want to try to hit on a wide variety of topics, but we all know most of them (if not all of them) will be on sports, with a heavy emphasis on Wisconsin sports. I’m a sports fanatic and love listening, watching, and talking about them, which makes it tough to not write about them on here. I’ll do my best to bring in a couple about other topics as well, though, so don’t automatically write me off if you’re not all in on sports. Give me a read first and see how you like it.

I will plan to send my first real blog out later this week, so stay tuned! With one of the best weeks in sports right around the corner (the best week of bowl season), there will be a lot to talk about.

Along with blogging, you can also catch me as a co-host on the608 podcast show every week, which usually is released on Friday’s. Make sure to check us out on iTunes or Spotify and give us a listen!

I’d like to say thanks again to the608 for the platform and I look forward to my upcoming posts!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Brandon Slaats