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the608family is bringing a variety of content to you through our blogging! We plan to keep expanding our content creators so we can have as much information as possible. From lifestyle tips to hilarious raw content, we will have everything!


Corey kaiser

Just an average guy with big aspirations. I started the608 to show how much I love this area. I have a lot of hobbies including golf, hunting. and socializing. I graduated from UW-Platteville the Winter of 2018. My blog will include things happening with the brand, my every day experiences, sports. hobbies, and most importantly…. The God Honest Truth. Follow along for the fun and make sure to interact with the community!

Instagram: @coreykaiser

Twitter: @corkais608


kelly shea

just call me shea.

I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me!  

I like to pride myself on being an ordinary girl with extraordinary thoughts!  I believe where we are at has a lot to do with where we perceive ourselves to be. If we feed our mind negative thoughts, we view our world through the eyes of darkness, if we feed it good thoughts, our world begins to be filled with light.  On those days when you struggle to find the good, I hope something I say reminds you of all the awesome this life holds.  I am constantly under construction, I am constantly trying to reinvent myself because the journey isn’t about the destination; it’s all we become to get there!  I am a lot like life: dark times, good times, imperfection, funny, filled with music and everything in between.  I am a girl that LOVES to workout, but has a body like I LOVE to eat (well because I do)! SheaStyle is my blog; it can best be described as a lot of words with all the heart on topics that many of us can relate to!  Rainbows, sunshine and butterflies and so much love—is what I am made of J  Come…we’re going on an adventure!!!


brandon slaats

HUGE SPORTS GUY! Joined in on helping out with the608 back when it all started in 2018 and love where it’s heading. You can catch me on the608 podcast show weekly or check out my blog. My interests include sports (watching, playing, and talking about them), working out, socializing, friends and family time, and the occasional show/movie on Netflix. I graduated from UW-Platteville in December of 2017 and started working at TRICOR Insurance immediately after that. I’m a small-town guy from a local 608 community and that is why I love what the brand stands for and it means a lot to me. I truly believe we live in the greatest place in the world and we all need to appreciate that and support what makes this community so wonderful. My blog will be about sports most of the time, but will also include things going on around the world, my personal experiences, and anything else that comes to mind. Check it out and see what you think!

Instagram: brandonslaats

Twitter: @bslaats2


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