Sources Confirmed: The Brewers Did Win the Central

Not much really to say here. Other than ladies and gentlemen, we pulled it off. The Brewers have won 97 games and pulled off a month comeback of 5 1/2 games.

Great for the Crew. Winning our last 7 games to enter the postseason with the top seed in the NL. Going in to the postseason with arguably the hottest player in baseball in Christian Yelich, a leader and guy who knows how to work counts better than anyone in LoCain, and some of the best relievers in baseball in Hader, Knebel, and Jeffries.

Now, I know I just went into how this Team is different so I’m not going too this time even though I could very easily.

This team has a chance to make this year so special for so many Wisconsinites. Honestly, when have we had so much hype moving into October? Never.

Lastly, I hope Everyone watches the Wild Card game tomorrow as it will determine who we will face. I honestly want to face the Cubs for one reason, I want to watch us fight in the postseason in person at Miller Park. I am not going to get crazy and predict anything. I am honestly just happy we are making strides to prove we belong. We will face a tough team, but what the Brewers have shown us over the last month: THEY’RE READY.

Corey Kaiser