A word that means something different for Everyone. Yet, within the meaning, we all have similar answers. For instance, Everyone’s “home” will be the place they feel the most comfortable, the most secure, and most importantly somewhere where they find peace.

Home is usually is someone's hometown, but in many cases it can be a certain area in a house or tree stand in the woods. But, EVERYONE has one.


I’m a complete homer. I know a lot of people that want to experience the World, want to live in many different places, and they enjoy each “home” as the same. Obviously, that’s so cool for many reasons. But, if you're like me, you are the polar opposite.

I’m a complete homer.

Kieler, Wisconsin. The smallest of small. But, it will always be home. It will be the place I feel most comfortable, most secure, and find peace. I’ve never been a huge city guy as traffic overwhelms me, the long lines make me impatient, and the loud aspects of the city scare me away. I’d rather be at the Kieler Mall, with locals I know enjoying each others presence. I would rather be able to get from work and home in 10 minutes. I would rather enjoy a couple drinks with my girlfriend on our patio watching cars go by and enjoying the peace and quiet. I feel safe in our town more than I would in a big city. I want my future kids to grow up with the same secure feeling I did roaming the streets of Kieler with my buddies. No matter what this World has shown me that you’re never completely safe. There are too many awful people out there to fully be safe. But, in Kieler, it limits that to a point.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. I love to see different cities, people, and atmospheres. But, at the end of a long weekend away, I always make it back to “home”.

One thing I hate to hear from people are that if you don’t move away from home, you don’t experience life or are “stuck” in high school, which is some complete BS. Just because someone might like the smaller town over the big city far away doesn’t mean they are afraid of experiencing new things or whatever it may be. It doesn’t matter where you call home, we all experience life in the same way. Everyday we all go to work and deal with people. Everyday we deal with problems that we have to solve. Everyday we experience the same ups and downs that make us who we are. No matter what, where ever we want to call it, we all have a “home”.

Home. Share with us where your home is! Tell us in the comments what you think of when you hear the word, “home”!

Everyone have a great week & stay dry!!!!


Corey Kaiser