It's Been Awhile..... What's Happening With the608

Holy Moly.

It’s been awhile since I have even thought of blogging. I tell myself I am going to hop back into it but it’s really not that easy when life is happening…. you know?

First and foremost, I wanted to give the full update on my life and what’s happening with the brand. When my sister & I started this gig, we knew the effort and hardwork it would take to get this thing to become relevant. And honestly, we have come a long way when you think of all the times we had no idea what to do or the moments we wondered if this was even worth it. I feel like everyone goes through that stage at least a couple times in life. Were both stubborn people so we just stuck to our guns and hoped for the best to be quite frank. From being just an online store with having the inventory in my office while doing Real Estate & Insurance on the side to opening Shedquarters.. nothing came relatively easy it felt like. We knew where we wanted to be the whole time…. but had to stay within our budget and work hard to gain enough momentum to get to where we are going. Through all the designs, products, and collaborations…. it’s been a ride.

As you know, Shedquarters is officially closed for good. We are renovating an apartment to become a permanent commercial building. We ripped off the apartment patio on the front to be replaced with a big deck. The deck will be used for customers at The Kieler Mall to use when the store is open for outdoor seating. We think it is a safer option then people just standing outside next to the road and looks better. Trust me, Ive been out there a million times on the weekend haha. Along with the renovation to the front, we redid the wooden floors and slapped some new paint on the walls.

We are extremely excited to be bringing a official retail storefront to Kieler as we see the huge steps out town has taken in the past 10 years & we believe we can contribute to that. the608 has been taking all the steps in order to open our official retail store when it comes to having all the nuts and bolts needed to be as professional as possible. I hope all of our followers and customers love it. Kieler is my town & I hope to be doing business here for many years to come.

As for a timeline, we hope to be officially open within the next 30 days. Our idea is to have a big grand opening on a Saturday, connecting with the local bars by handing out drink chips on the608 for coming and supporting our brand. I will have more information on all of this as we finish the renovation. Our podcast is back and live as we are stationed upstairs in the new location now. Click the link to check out our new show from last night! We are bring cheap laughs and entertainment to you EVERY Friday with occasional guests that are cooler than all of us!

Along with the big changes, we have launched our Influencer Program that is going along quite well! We brought together a team that I believe is set to crush goals and do something special. Our influencers are Justin Temperly, Preston Kopp, Courtney Jones, and Jenny Pigue. We plan to keep expanding our program as we find people that fit the mold of our brand. We are so excited about this!!

Well, that is about it for me right now. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the Sun and until next time………………..


Corey Kaiser