Wisconsin Is Hitting It's Sports G-Spot For 1st Time Ever.


In the first time in history of Wisconsin Professional Sports, we are hitting our g-spot. Yes, we are talking about the success of teams in Wisconsin not named Badgers which is so unlikely. But, our professional sports might never have this run of talent in all three sports as it does now.

Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Christian Yelich.

Aaron Rodgers.

The fact that all three of those mega stars play in our state is worthy of an article. But, it doesn't end there. With both teams in Milwaukee thriving & amid of the Bleacher Report article shaming the QB of the Packers, I think the Packers will have a phenomenal year. Yes, I am a Cowboys fan, but I truly believe this will light a fire under 12’s ass along with his teammates.

Think about it;. All this Dunne dude did by bringing on salty former teammates of Rodgers was bring this team together even more rallying around their all-time talent. Add that along with the acquisitions they made of both Smith’s & Amos. Tag that along with having many picks in the Draft to improve the overall team, they can do some damage this year. I think Rodgers will play out of his mind after coming out this week calling the article a “smear attack” and backed himself in every way he had too. Add Aaron Jones, Devante Adams, and a young core of wide recievers… the Packers look confident to gain the NFC North back.

Let’s chat about the real story here. Milwaukee is fucking thriving people. There hasn't been a time in my life where both teams were good. In fact, the Bucks have been usually very bad all of my life. Enter Giannis & Christian. Since we drafted the Greak Freak and traded for Yelich, the sports in MKE hasn't been stronger.

Lets start with the Milwaukee Bucks. Since we drafted 34, we have done the necessities in order to keep the ball or momentum rolling. Bringing in Middleton, trading for Bledsoe, drafting Brogdon, and bringing in genius HC Budenholzer. The Milwaukee Bucks have never been this dominant in basketball in a long time. The team is top 3 in both defense AND offense. Along with that, we have the next NBA MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo, which by the way is only 24. Bring in the mindset of our head coach to spread the floor with shooters allowing Giannis to take advantage of the paint while having the option of kicking it out. With some injuries lingering, they still took care of business, clinching the best record in the NBA and the #1 seed heading into the playoffs. A lot is on the line this postseason due to the Negative Nancy’s who say we cannot win in the playoffs because our best player can’t shoot the ball in clutch moments & we can't win playoff games. I don’t think they realize that this make-up of this team is completely different than in years past. Along with getting Mirotic, Brogdon, and Snell back in our rotation, things will be looking up. Oh, and we have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. Bring it on.

Now, lets chat about the Milwaukee Brewers, who have started the year off on a great note. The crew really jumped onto the stage last year with being so close to making it to the World Series before falling short to the Dodgers. It looked like it was our year to make it but just a couple of things didn't go the Brewer’s way. But, new year….new us. Well, not all new as Christian Yelich is RAKING. He is showing all the baseball experts that his burst onto the scene last year was no fluke. Then, we upgrade at catcher with Grandal, bring back Moose, and trade for a lefty like Gamel to help bolster the lineup, things are looking up;. But, just like every team, there are holes or concerns moving forward including not having a dominant pitcher nor having a lefty starting pitcher in our rotation. You can get away with this during the regular season, but it doesn't help you in the playoffs to not have the option of going to a left handed pitcher for a game. Obviously, Stearns has came out and said the Brewers are in win-now mode which will allow them to make moves when we get closer to the trade deadline so that is something to watch out for. All in all, this is the most talented lineup i have witness from top to bottom, especially. on offense. When guys like Moose or Arcia can hit the ball well, it makes our whole lineup dangerous as hell. Then, bring in a guy who making. a name for himself as one of the premier players in baseball, Christian Yelich, we are cooking.

Just to have the three stars in all three sports is not normal for small-market areas like Wisconsin. But, we are defying odds that people have put on all of our teams.

And remember, the g-spot always feels good.