Game of Thrones S8 E3 Recap


So much happened. It’s Monday… April 29th, 2019 and I am still completely shook from the recent episode. Was it what we thought was going to happen? No. Were we completely prepared for this moment? Hell no.

But it happened. Let’s review.

So the majority of the first “longer” episode of the final series was a blurred, chaotic battle between the dead and the living. To be quite honest, when the Dothraki went to start the battle against the White Walkers and got completely demolished in record time, it didn't seem like the greatest of starts to a battle for the living. Before they rode to their death, Melisandre of ALL FRIGGIN’ PEOPLE came back to light their weaponry on fire to get the advantage. Let’s remember the Dothraki’s main purpose being here is for the expertise in fighting and savagery. They have gone their whole lives acting like animals and living to kill. Oh, and for some reason, Jorah & Ghost went to fight too. I didn't really understand having Ghost ride with. Like, he’s a wolf. And for Jorah, it seemed like he is too important to Dany to ride with the first wave, but oh well.

Welp, that didn't matter, did it?

They went off into the fog to fight the dead and were taken out and had their fire-driven swords unlit within minutes. Not a good sign. A couple of them rode back including Jorah. After that, the sea of the dead came crashing into the front of the living’s army. From there on, it was a complete and utter chaotic mess. Between watching known characters like Brienne, Jorah, Greyworm, Jamie Lannister, Gendry, Podrick, Sandor (The Hound), Tormund, Samwell, Beric, and Edd. Some people gave the battle scene some crap for the clarity of the scenes. I am on the complete other side. I think this gave us more reality to how crazy the scene was with the blurriness of the fog/snow/ice that took the vision. It made it more crazy as the dead came running out of the abyss to fight the living.

As the battle continued & the leaders ( Dany, Jon, & The Night King) all became involved with their dragons, things got real, realllly fast. This episode was incredible because even though it was just a huge battle, it broke up the characters into smaller battles of their own.

-Battle between the leaders on the dragons

-Battle between Arya & Dead

-Battle between Jamie, Brienne, Tormund, & Podrick against the dead.

-Sansa & Tyrion with the women and children in the crypt

-Bran with Theon guarding him

-Lyanna vs the Giant

-And probably more that I’m forgetting

Let’s dive into these a little bit. But, before I do. I want to chat a bit about Melisandre for a second. Honestly, did anyone expect her to play that major of a role heading into the Battle of Winterfell? i had no idea she could start fires the way she did. But, she did it and it was HUUUUGEEE for the living. She started by giving the edge to Dothraki by starting their swords on fire. Then, when Dany couldnt see the sign to start the trench on fire, she came to the rescue in a last second chance to start the fire. She got the trench lit as hell as to where the dead were stuck on the outside. As we all know, the dead eventually got through, but it gave them enough time for a quick timeout to regroup. Huuuuuuuge props to Melisandre. The individual battles of Jamie, Brienne, Tormund, and Podrick are about the same and weren’t really magnified other than them killing a shitload of White Walkers. As the battle is happening, Bran, Theon, and the Ironborn are at the Godswood. Bran becomes the ravens to only see The Night King on his dragon coming for him. There is so much mystery to what is going on with Bran and I NEED to find out what is going on. Bran is channeling the Ravens for most of the episode. As to what he was doing, we have no clue. Why does The Night King want Bran so bad? Honestly, we all need more. But we will catch up with this in a bit here. Now, to the good part. Arya is seen fighting off numerous waves of the dead in which she does beautifully. She is probably the best warrior to watch outside of Jon Snow. As she is killing all of the dead, Davos is seen acting like a little Bitch watching the young Arya channel her inner Ned Stark. As the waves become too much for Arya, she falls and smokes her head off the wall to where she isn't at 100% anymore. After that, she is found trying to hide on the roof. At this time, everything was basically on fire as it seemed and The Hound was shrinking in crunch time like a little biiiiiiiiiiitch. Beric was trying to get him to snap out of it to when the Hound broke down and said there is no chance we live. Beric points to probably the only thing Sandor cares about which is Arya fighting for her life. he snaps out of it and is off to the rescue.

At this exact point in the episode, I am sweating bullets dude. Bullets.

Somewhere in this cluster fuck, the Giant breaks through the doors to slap little ole Lyanna to the floor. She might actually be the bravest character in the show. Like, shes only 13 or something. She runs at the Giant out of bravery to be picked up by the bastard thing. Once picked up she has one last epic stab where she shoved the dragon glass into his eyeball. She defeats the Giant and they both fall to their deaths. This might be one of the coolest death scenes for Lyanna.

Arya end up running for her life through the narrow halls of Winterfell where The Hound and Beric help fend off the dead as they escape. Beric ends up dying from a thousand stab wounds by helping the Hound and Arya escape. Now, to the good part. As Jon, Dany, and The Night King are battling above the clouds. Dany gets misdirected at some point to where Jon and The Night King are having a dragon battle in midair. Jon’s dragon, Rhaegal, bites the shit out of Viserion as The Night King looks to spear Jon’s dragon. BUT LOOK, OUT OF NO WHERE! Dany boots The Night King right off Viserion to where he fell from the clouds. Dany roasts The Night King where the heroic music starts playing just to end abruptly with him still standing. That is a crock of shit to be quite honest. How can he live through dragon fire? What makes him so damn special?


Once he is living, he tried to Patrick Mahomes a spear at Drogon which just missed as Dany retreated. Now, it’s just Jon vs The Night King. It’s safe to say Jon doesn't use his head at all times when it comes to battle. His bravery usually gets the best of him just like it did in this moment when he starts running at The Night King. The Night King brings back another full army of the dead INLUDING the dead in the crypt so Everyone who thought they were safe….. are now….. fucked. Jon realized that he’s basically fucked when he cannot reach The Night King in time and is left to fend off the army of the dead by himself. Dany comes to rescue him with Drogon. Jon goes running for Bran as he knows what that little shit Night King is going to do. He ends up in a realization that it’s all over. Dany is pushed off Drogon as the dead take over. Drogon flies away with his body covered with the little piss ants. Everyone including myself believe at this point it’s over. The Night King won. Jorah is left defending Dany against the dead in which he dies defending her honor.


The Night King heads to the godswood where Theon is doing his best hero impression by defending Bran. Brand comes back from playing Grand Theft Crow: San Andreas just in time to watch Theon do his best Leroy Jennnkiiiiins impression towards The Night King to basically die in two seconds. Before he did that, Bran thanked him for basically guarding him for no reason since we have no idea what the hell Bran knows or has the power to do. The Night King walks up to Bran, and as he is about to grab his sword to kill him, Arya from the top friggin’ rope! She instantly gets choked by The Night King as it looks like it is over. But, she pulled a move we watched her use on Brienne of Tarth in an earlier season where she acts like she is giving up, dropping her sword, just to catch it in her other hand to fuck the Night King! All the dead go to expload into pieces including the Dragon that was going to end Jon’s life.

The fight against the dead is OVER. The show ends with Melisandre, 6th man of the year award, taking off her magical necklace to die in the snow.

Holy Hell.

Burning questions……

  1. Which dragons, if any, are alive right now….?

  2. Will we know anymore from the Night King, or will they leave him in the dust? I feel shorted with this part of the show since we only knew he was a bad man. I wanted more from Bran on his objectives, the origin of The Night King, etc etc.

  3. Dany vs Jon. Will this even be a thing or will Jon let her rule? Will they even tell anyone? I cannot wait to see what happens. Dany has definitely earned her role with The North for fighting for their lives the whole episode. But, so did Jon. With them both making it out alive, who is the prominent leader?

  4. Cersei. This bitch still has her full army, gold, and no existing memory of the Dead. Will she be taken down even though The North was just reduced in size when it comes to number of men?

  5. The North. How will The North be able to bounce back from losing all of the warriors from the Great War? Will they still be able to beat Cersei?

  6. The Lannisters. With the war over, what does Jaime do? Will he fight for The North or run South to defend his ex-lover/sister/bitch of a person?


  8. Arya. Will she become the person that ends up ruling? She is so powerful and brave in her own way. She definitely is the majority of the fans favorite character

Only Time Will Tell.