This Weather + Masters Week Should Equal Days Off Work

Today is just miserable. The exact reason why Wisconsin weather changes in the matter of hours. IT WAS 70 DEGREES ON MONDAY. Now, it’s Thursday, hailing in Madison……raining cats & friggin’ dogs here in Kieler.

Why even give us two very nice days when you are going to harass us from today moving forward? I would rather of had it rain and be shitty all week so there is no disappointment. Honestly, I thought we turned a corner. NOPE.

Along with us being drug through the damn dirt when it comes to weather, the Masters starts today. Tiger Woods is back & healthy. Rory is trying to complete the grand slam. Jordan Spieth is trying to figure out how to play good golf again. Dustin Johnson is going to try and not fall down any flight of stairs during the trip. And Patrick Reed apparently likes broccoli which is a complete and utter lie.


Anyway. Every person in Wisconsin should be given a free two days if this weather holds up to do nothing but stream the tournament from their own couch, maybe a plate of apps laying on your belly which you are efficiently using as a table. But here's the deal people, everytime I look outside, a little part of my dies on the inside. Its awful. Why not allow us to have TWO DAYS. I mean, c’mon, after everything we have been through this Winter. Allow us to watch golf and prep for one of the shittiest weekends (other than GOT happening Sunday). I feel like someone tied a rope to both of my ankles…….. and drove me through a manure pit. Honestly, that is what my body feels like. I decided to work from home with our driveway to the Shedquarters getting poured concrete this week and because lets be honest the weather sucks. I had some customers picking up their orders today and during that hour span, my life decreased in happiness by 1000%. Once I was done, I said screw it, Im going back home until podcast time at 5.


So, if you're at work, just get the hell out of there. Use any excuse possible. Your cat died, you have diarrhea (which will 100% work everytime), or pull a Jim Halpert and pretend your apartment is under water.

Its Master's Time. Tiger is in contention and swinging the club well. Sergio is acting like a piss ant again. And DJ isnt hurting himself by diving head first down some stairs. LFG.