Baseball Is Back & Yes, Chistian Yelich Is Still A God.

Ahhhh, baseball. Glad to have you back. As a Brewers fan, its either you don't care because we kind of suck or the complete opposite. Your tits get hard whenever somebody even mentions baseball because we are just so damn exciting to watch. You can only guess which one we are.


Our starting lineup is filled with talent. Sure, we have question marks, but who cares. Every team has question marks and injuries surrounding their teams. I am confident we will figure it out.

But here’s the friggin’ deal people. We are going to the game this weekend against the Chicago Cubs, and I am so hyped to be back at Miler Park. Yeli is slapping dingers and hitting walk-off doubles. Hader hasn't been touched and still hasn't thrown A BREAKING BALL. Brauny changed his swing and is a new man. Chacin is hitting dingers. Woodruff looks legit. We’re only a handful of games in and shit is happening daily. Not to mention our GM has made it a point that we will do whatever it takes to win a World Series. Holy hell.

I am not sure if I have ever been this excited about a team going into a season before in my life. I make it a daily reminder to watch at least the ending of the games. With the talent in our lineup, a game never seems out of reach & with our young core, we can be good for awhile. Let's roll out the barrel and let’s do it a lot this year. I will be rolling out the barrel this weekend while tailgating my ass off and enjoying downtown MKE afterwards.