Mike Trout Just Got The Bag


12 year, $430 million contract extension.

Bryce Harper thought he got paid and had the chance to get Trout to PHILLY. Think again there, pal. He just shown the World how much better he is than you and stayed in LA. This is one of the most ironic situations in the World because if you arent a lifer baseball guy, you never watch this man. Sure, he is probably the best baseball player to ever walk this planet, but there are a couple things about him that make him not so much a superstar. The guy stays in his lane and doesn’t make much noise outside of baseball, he plays for the awful Angels on the west coast so it’s impossible to watch him, and he is never talked about. It’s honestly crazy since he is the best player on the planet.

This extension will bring his total earnings above $500M+……. think of what you could do with that? The dude is set for life, his kids’ kids’ kids’ kid is set for life. Hahahaahahaahahaahaha IT’S SOOO MUCH MONEY.

In all honestly, congrats to Mike Trout on getting the bag, but I still love Christian Yelich more.