Why Sunday Is Factually The Best Drinking Day In The Week

Let’s not mess around here people. I feel that sometimes the actual day of Sunday gets lost in the mix when it comes to being the best drinking day of the week. People love Fridays because of happy hour and Saturday solely on having the full day to make all the bad decisions possible without any punishment other than having to sit around and hate your life Sunday due to the massive headache and having to shit your pants or puke every hour.

I’m here to set the record straight. Even though I haven’t participated in awhile due to my Monday schedule, Sunday is factually the best day of drinking, and here's why.

Sure, Saturday is the middle of the weekend and everyone is out.. but on Sunday is when all the true weekend warriors are still kickin’ it. And honestly, Sunday’s are better when the sun is out and it’s nice outside. Here’s the ideal situation for having the best day of the week being Sunday:

You wake up still hammered drunk from the night before saying, “Woah” to yourself. You facetime every close friend of yours to discuss what exactly happened the night before and tell every single one of them to get up and put on a hat. No showering. The rule of Sunday is you cannot shower, you must go out with the look of regret. I didn't make the rule, I just respect it. You tell your friends, significant other, parents, acquaintances…. “ Be ready in 10, I am picking you up and were getting Mimosas and breakfast”. The major key here is keeping your buzz from the night before, it’s literally the only thing that matters. So, you find your shittiest pair of sunglasses and head out to get the day going. After breakfast, you bar hop around enjoying the company of your other drunk friends laughing about the stories from the night before & snapchatting all the pussies who couldn't come. You are 12 drinks deep already and enjoying the shit out of the day…. you look at your phone and BOOM, its only fucking 1 pm. What a day. So, you look at your company, you either yell at them to head to the homestead bar or closest winery to really put a knot in the day. Once you're good and drunk, you guys go to one of the eating establishments where you either know the workers or owners just incase you make a fool out of yourself. If you know them, they will most likely laugh it off instead of kicking you out like a stranger would do. Then, you make the decision to take your food home or sit down with Everyone to eat. Then, you check your watch again….DAMN, it’s only 6pm. What a perfect time to go home and eat my food like a filthy animal while watching TV. At this point, your trashy drunk, but in perfect shape to sleep 10+ hours and still be OK in the morning. And that’s a wrap, what a Sunday.

That’s the exact reason Sunday can be the best and is in fact the greatest day to drink in the week. I know I’m not alone on this thought. And I can guarantee I explained someones perfect Sunday up above. What’s your favorite day to drink? You're probably lying if your aren't saying Sunday Funday.

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder