Another St. Paddy's Day In The Books.



Thank God that only happens once a year.

Something us Americans like celebrating even when we have no connection to Ireland at all. But, especially in Wisconsin, we cling to anything and everything that allows us to all drink the whole day and not be criticized for it. We will take anything we can get.

Saint Paddy’s day is one that is amazing. We get to either stay around the area and drink all day or head to Chicago and see the river fill up in the color of green and drink all day. Our choice. Well, we decided to hit up the two spots I said in my Youtube video, Gooch’s Greenhouse & The Public House.

Boy oh boy. We had the crew together and decided to make the trip down to Gooch’s and get that base filler before heading to Platteville because who knows where that next meal was coming from. Anyways, I got the Beef & Cabbage and it was LIT! Shoutout to Tony for hustling all day to make sure the food was great. We had a couple beers and decided to make the trek to Platteville.

We got to Platteville and like normal, it got nuts. From Irish Car Bombs to green beer to more Irish Car Bombs to more green beer….. we all had a blast! It’s Monday and I’m still feeling it. The day was nice, the music was great, and the company was even better. We ended the night at the homestead, Kieler Mall, where we all basically put ourselves down in a sort of way like normal.

End of the day, another banger for the books and thank the Lord it’s over. Oh and also, people dont tell you that if you drink your body weight in green beer, you will definitely be pooping green for about a day. Just a heads up for anyone who was as dumb as I was and didnt know.

Great way to kick off our March. Now, time for a Badgers dub.

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder

Corey Kaiser