Wisconsin Badger Fans: We're Back.


Consistency. It’s been apart of our program for years. For NINETEEN straight years, you saw the Badgers making it to March Madness in the NCAA Tournament. It didn't matter what seed we were or the ups and downs of the season, we got there. Bo Ryan made us all too greedy when it came to being successful over the years and we hope Gard is going to do the same. We were all riding high when it came to being a known factor in the tournament.

Until last year.

Having injuries set us back in a major way last year, we came up short. For the first year since 1999, we didn't watch our team in the tournament. For me, it brought me back down to Earth. It’s truly not a bad thing to not make it every 19 years because I mean what a hell of a run. It tested the players we have to feel the sense of not making it. All of these guys came back with vengeance. Ethan Happ and company have been on quite a ride this year with many ups and a couple downs. But, here we are and to be frank, I couldn’t imagine being a bad team. Like I feel awful for fan bases that have to deal with not experiencing March the way we’ve had.


It sounds cocky and I meant it to be like that. Through the years, we’ve been to 3 Final Fours, a shit ton of Elite Eights, and many Sweet Sixteens. From Devin Harris to Alando Tucker to Frank Kaminsky to Ethan Happ. From beating Arizona twice in two years to beating an undefeated Kentucky Wildcat team to go to the Championship Game to upsetting #1 seed Villanova to Koenig’s corner three to beat Xavier at the buzzer. Holy hell.

With the Badgers looking to become either a 4th or 5th seed depending on this weekend's results, I am beyond ready to be experiencing the tournament. So what lies ahead of us this year? What memories are ready to be made? All I know is everyone in the state of Wisconsin is HYPED UP.

And for the love of God, let's not miss the tournament every again. Thx

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder