Quick Take: Gordon Ramsay is Savage, Yet Amazing

It’s Tuesday, my dudes. I fell asleep a little earlier than normal so basic thinking, if I fall asleep early then I will get more sleep. Nope. Not on my body’s watch.

So casually I am watching Kitchen Nightmares and having myself some coffee at 3 AM. There is so much that goes into these shows that are so CHAOTIC. Honestly, every single episode, this master chef goes into a dying restaurant business and has to deal with some cocky chef who doesn't like change.

What does Gordon Ramsay do? He rolls his sleeves up and dives into the shit sandwich situation that is going on. He treats EVERYONE like shit until they prove worthy of his time and is so verbally abusive that it makes for some grade A entertainment. It’s usually a battle between him and the shit head chef, but sometimes its owners too. If he showed up to your restaurant and you were the head chef, GOODNIGHT IRENE.

Oh didn't put all the effort into every meal? Bye. Didn't have the most clean kitchen ever? Bye. You look at Gordon in the wrong way? Bye.


I’m currently watching an Irish family restaurant ran by the dad, but the head chef is his asshole Ginger kid. This Kid is ruthless! He is yelling at his whole family that they suck. Gordon comes in and instantly doesn’t take that crap. NOT UP IN HERE!

But, like every show, he turns the whole restaurant around and makes them successful. The family is back to happiness and loving each other. What a show and hats off to Mr. Ramsay for giving me this inspiration on a Tuesday morning when I should be still in bed. Oh, you've watched the whole series already, head over to Hell’s Kitchen to watch him dissect 10 head chefs into oblivion and zero out their confidence. Win-Win situation here, people.

Corey Kaiser