This Week's Weather Has Me Feelin' Some Type of Way

Lord, this is all we have been asking for. Just a glimpse… something to keep the hopes up that Spring is somewhat close. Through the weeks, Mother Nature has been shoving dark, cloudy, windy, and cold nights at us like this is all apart of some sick joke. Then, this week happened.

Tomorrow H 42 L 37

Wednesday H 51 L 50 (!!!!)

Thursday H 54 L 33

Friday H 36 L 28


Weekend 40s with sun

Can I get a HELL YEAH? This could be epic. The sun is coming out and we are all feeling amazing. We all can see it…. Bonfires, sweatshirt weather at nights, cold brews, and sunny mornings. Ahhh. I’m not sure what I would do if Winter lasted any longer, honestly. I have never felt this shitty about a Winter where we had days in the 50s and immediately being punished for the glimpse of the light with heavy winds, snow,. ice, blah blah blah.


Hopefully, we made it. We have finally turned the corner into the good ole days. I have all my warm clothes on the back burner waiting. It feels like Christmas for some reason. But here we are. We have Saint Patty’s Day this weekend and a look past the dark Winter we’ve had. This could be nuts. Darty season…. drinking before Noon….. throwing the ole jorts on….. and having ourselves a Hell of a Spring.


Corey Kaiser