Coming Up On Our 1 Year Anniversary Of Opening


Honestly, something I had no idea what it was when my sister & I founded the company. We didn't know all the challenges and obstacles in our way. All we knew was we were excited for the task.

When it all began, what really was the608? In my mind, we had a great chance to use my Mom’s business, Brand L Embroidery, to launch our own clothing line that represents the nuances of the people in our area. We believed that people would jump at the chance to represent something that meant local instead of the bigger brands especially if our prices were less expensive. There was one part I wasn't really ready for.

Starting a family. In any type of business, you need to create a community that people trust and can vision themselves being apart of. It’s tough & we are currently always trying to improve this. All I knew was I love the town I’m from and what it means to me.

Obviously, I learned a lot along the way, but I wouldn't change it for the World. They are things that have helped me in the long run. In order to find success, you need to find some failures. To me, I thought if I just keep on grinding through it and be a nice person overall, it could work out. I was taught that at a young age and that is no matter what to be nice to people.

From starting off with limited inventory and in a small room in our Family’s office to renting the Shedquarters where we do everything….. it’s an improvement. From being strictly blogging and clothing to expanding in the media towards video production and podcasting. It’s always an improvement. To be honest, the podcast is probably the most fun thing we do and have been blessed to have some great special guests like Bradie Ewing, Alex Erickson, “Soup” Campbell, Marissa Hoffman, Jillian Kuhl, and many more. Not to mention, we are getting a whole bunch of new guests that will be EPIC this season! We want to create something we can all take part in and we are always looking to gain more bloggers and podcast shows! Hint hint. I still don't know if we have found our full identity. But, that is always the challenge.


So many people to thank. My family & friends for giving up their spare time to help out, Alex Erickson for believing in the brand, local businesses in believing in the brand, and Everyone who has bought into our idea, our community, and our family. Thanks to EVERYONE! We truly couldn't have gotten this far without any of you. I cannot express enough how much we are thankful and appreciative.


Lastly, what we have in store for 2019. A LOT. In order to stay on the path, we have to be aggressive in our gameplan in adding bloggers, podcast shows, youtube characters, and more clothing! We are working with Joe Schobert, former Linebacker for the Badgers…Pro-bowler for the Browns in the NFL… and honestly just a class act guy. We plan on bringing some premium athletic clothing to not only all his fans but to his hometown of Waukesha. Here’s a drop of his official brand logo! We plan on bringing some big names to our podcast show, the608 Show including Joe, Jack Cichy, Zak Showalter & MORE!

So, heres to you guys…CHEERS to the family on almost 1 full year of being a brand. Let’s win 2019 and make this year unforgettable. Love all of you guys and LET’S GOOOOOO!!!

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder