NFL Combine is SO NUTS

The time is here, people. NFL Combine. One of the craziest scenes you will find in ANY profession. With the news coming out of Kyler Murray’s measurements, it’s crazy how many people are so knowledgeable on football that they know exactly what someones measurements should be.


As I sit here watching Undisputed with the ridiculous Skip Bayless, I have heard from so many “credible sources” that are bringing up that his hand size needs to be this big. Now, I get that it would help with turning the ball over, but does Skip know that a certain hand size is going to help that? No

Two of the biggest scout combine guys from ESPN, Todd McShay & Mel Kiper, bring up the certain limits as to where athletes measurements are high enough for a NFL team to choose them. Hearing these sources bring up that Kyler must be over 5’10” or he is too small….(Insert confused meme). I thought Russell Wilson has pretty much nixed that thought process. I would bet the house Kiper and McShay both said Russell is too small, but now they say that his hand size (huge for his size) is the reason for his success.


GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE. That is so bogus. I am not going to listen to Adam Schefter tell me that there is a minimum height to play QB. Adam, buddy, as long as they arent your height, they will be fine especially if they don’t have your speed. ADAM IS 5’1'“ and should not be our source for who can and cannot play in the league. it’s crazy that these scouts go to this and pout so much value on the measurements as much as the athletic drills and meeting with the athlete to value their character. I think those two elements should mean a hell of a lot more than your height, weight, or hand-size. This is the EXACT reason why people like Russell Wilson fall all the way to the third round. But, he has opened the portal to allowing players like Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray have a better impact in the draft and more positive outcome heading into the draft. It’s crazy, we watch the sky scraper of Peyton Manning run the league and he becomes the norm. That doesn't mean they can’t be smaller. Brock Osweiler was so high on scout’s draft boards due to his size but go ahead and tell me how that turned out. Huhhh

There will be top players in each position that will drop in the draft due to their hand size, height, or whatever. If you watch these players ball consistently at a high level at the college level, then you can play in the NFL. The athlete’s character and athletic drills results mean more than anything else. The fact that some 60 year old scout will judge a player on who they think is a “football” guy. Reminds me of the baseball movie, Moneyball, where you have all these old scouts believing they cracked the code on what a baseball player has to look like. Wrong. If that’s the case, NFL Scouts will choose 6’5” 240 QB with less talent than a smaller QB due to “looking the part”. This is why so many teams miss out on game-changing, life-changing players. Ridiculous IMO.

I mean, does it TRULY matter that Kyler is 5’10” or 5’9”? I don't think so. Kyler is a playmaker who can run faster than any other QB. He has an element we haven't seen in the league since Michael Vick with regards to Lamar Jackson. But, Lamar can’t sling the pigskin like Kyler. I get it, he needs to see over the lineman, but the fact he’s an inch shorter than Russell and EVERYONE is having a field day, it so absurd.

If you can play football, you can play football period.

Corey Kaiser