Life is a Journey

From a young age we move through life trying to figure it out. Connect the dots. Put the puzzle pieces together. I’m on the verge of becoming 24 years old. And to be honest, I don’t have a clue what’s in store as life is full of beautiful, messy checkpoints.

One thing we know. Life is quite the journey.

As I sit here at the checkout desk of Shedquarters gnawing on some some tasteful beef jerky , I’m trying to find a way to get the right message out. Most of the time I find myself eating more jerky than typing. Oh well.

Here we go.

From the young age where the responsibilities in our lives aren't as complicated and complex. The toughest decision was what cereal I was going to demolish in the morning or which one of my friends house I was going to go to after school. it’s crazy looking back & seeing how simple things were. Even through high school, you find yourself having a simple life including a job, hobbies, and schooling. Other than that, the toughest thing to do was stay out of trouble with the parents. That wasn't as easy for me as it seemed like I was a magnet for getting in trouble.

As you progress through high school and into college, things change. Life becomes independently awesome for many. You become very aware at how much freedom you have very quickly. Do you think my parents loved me going to a party on a Tuesday night where my goals were to help finish the keg in the bathtub? No, but honestly I didn't care because “college”. I wasn't worrying about my philosophy exam at 8am the following morning. As you get older through college, you find yourself still having the enjoyments of partying whenever you want, but you start to care about your grades and whats in store post-college. I found myself wondering what was next in my life.

Things get real in a hurry. Once I graduated from UWP, I was a licensed realtor and insurance agent in the state of Wisconsin. I worked for Marshall Insurance & Realty in Dickeyville, which I am still an insurance agent there. But, I figured as I kept moving along the adult life that both of these things weren't what I wanted to do.

Enter player #3: the608. To keep this short and sweet, we started the company in March. I didn't have a freaking clue what would come of it. Starting something like a brand is so tough because you have to gain momentum and awareness in order to progress yourself to success. To be honest, were nowhere near where I want to be. But, where we are, it’s a start.

Building our following, showing people what we were, and more… wasn't easy. Especially because I had no experience in this as I just got out of college. But, I knew I was up for the challenge, The only thing I knew I wanted was to create a family that we can all be in together. the608 meant so much more to me than clothing. It meant the amazing people that make this area so unforgettable. it meant the hardworking blue-collar people that work everyday to support their families. It meant all the small towns that thrive off each other. We wanted to create something EVERYONE can be proud of & have a f***ing blast in the process.

So, here we are….. in the damn heart of the journey grinding together. Throughout my life and into the future, I know there are so many unknowns with the company and im OK with that. I’m OK with that because I love being uncomfortable to the point where it makes me work harder each day to make this brand work. It makes me want to impress all the people that impress me. It makes me want to show the people who don’t believe in me that I will prove them wrong.

I never told you guys my blog would be unnatural. I type it as I would speak it to anyone I know. This is me & my journey. The goal for me is to create something that we can all call OUR journey because after-all we are in this together. We are the hype guy for each other, we are the positive feedback someone was searching for, and we are always there for each other. The ONLY…. and I mean ONLY… way to live life to the fullest is by bringing Everyone with in the process. Why can't Everyone be happy with the whole 608family being successful? Why can't we NOT be jealous of others fame & fortune?

the608 is more. It’s family.

This is OUR journey.

Corey Kaiser

Corey Kaiser