Friday Focus: Being Selfish

Welcome back to Cor’s Corner people

Going to start a little organized blogging for once in my life with “Friday Focus”. The goal is to bring something in our lives in to focus and really bring attention to a certain aspect of Everyone’s life. It is kind of like when you are taking a picture with your camera and the picture is blurry as hell.. you must focus the camera optics in order to get the best-looking picture…right?


Today’s Topic: Being Selfish.

This can be looked at by many people as a bad thing, but in Cor’s Corner, we are going to say screw the system… being selfish is going to be looked at as a positive thing.

Being selfish can be one of the best feelings in the World when it’s for the right reasons. I know so many people that are too giving to others and obviously that isn't a bad thing. But, with being too giving to others, you leave yourself vulnerable to a couple things including being taken advantage of, forgetting goals in your life, and losing time that could be used to focusing on yourself. It’s terrible to think about, but when you go out of your way to be nice for others, they might see that as a thing they can rely on in the future instead of doing themselves. When you are a type of person who just can't physically say “no”, it can be a problem when there are multiple people thinking this.

So, today’s focus is be selfish. I’m not saying you have to be selfish all the time because that's not the point. The point is to find time everyday to choose yourself over others and your surroundings. How can you truly focus on goals to achieve when you are always helping others achieve theirs? Why can't we accomplish our goals while helping others accomplish theirs as well? It’s possible with the correct balance in your life.

Take some time in the next hour or so to think about the times you chose others over yourself. Jot down some of the things you have wanted to accomplish over the past years but haven't. For today, let’s try and find ways to create a lifestyle that enables you to have balance. If you are committed to others goals or life, you must find ways to create time for yourself. For example, if you work everyday from 8-4, you must find time to focus on yourself, which can be hard when you have families. So, whether it’s before everyone wakes up or before you go to bed, spend time doing the tasks at hand in order to get closer to your goals.

In a life that can be too short, too harsh, and too disadvantageous…. you HAVE to be selfish towards yourself. ITS YEAR 2019! We must prioritize life in order to get the most out of it for yourself, your family, and your community. Nobody will feel bad for you for abandoning your own self and your goals. Wake up a half hour early to work on your own brand. Make it a habit to have a sensor in the back of your head to always think of how it affects your time, your life, and your progress. I’m not saying to not help others or be completely selfish. I’m saying there is a fine line where you can find balance or be completely selfless towards others and forget about yourself. I know way too many nice people who completely forget about their own livelihoods in order to help others.

So, for today, think of yourself. Think of the goals you created in the past couple years and haven't got around to them yet. Jot them down on a notepad and start training your mind to think of yourself in order to make sure you can be SELFISH. in a year, on February 15th of 2020, I want us to all look back and search of moments that passed where we were selfish and be able to connect those moments to the achievements we set out to do.

I hope Everyone has a wonderful weekend as we all strive for SPRING! Stay safe this weekend and stop down to Brewfest on Ice to run into the crew as we will be sponsoring Potosi Beer and trying a couple different brews other than our normal Busch Light!

Corey Kaiser

the608, founder

Corey Kaiser