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What a time to be alive. Let’s talk about the currently playing Milwaukee Bucks, sitting atop the NBA with the best record 28-11. Coming off the win against the Jazz last night where we watched five players score 14+ and nine players score overall, this team is different. Over the years, we have watched us lack urgency in the early latter of the season, losing games they are suppose to which ultimately left the team underachieving. Not this year. We are taking care of teams that we are suppose to and beating great teams like the Warriors, Raptors, and Celtics. Let’s dive in.

  1. Mike Budenholzer. What a difference. We all knew Jason Kidd was suppose to be an innovator with his style he played on the court and his age, but it just wasn't t the situation. Budenholzer has come in and immediately make his stamp on this team. Our offense has never looked better being in the top 5 of overall offense efficiency. We spread it out, having 5 players on the perimeter. Being able to have bigs that can shoot has helped this tremendously, but it also allows iso situations to be made by Giannis, Middleton, and Brogdon. Overall, through 39 games, our team is the only team in top 5 in both offense and defensive rating.

  2. Depth. A couple of games ago, we had 12 (!!!!) players score in a game. Unreal. To be able to have a strong starting 5 like Giannis, Brogdon, Middleton, Lopez, and Bledsoe and then top it off with key reserves making plays like Maker, Ilyasova, Hill, Snell, Connaughton, and more. YEESH. If we can keep up the performances from the bench, this team is scary good.

  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo. This MVP candidate is so fun to watch. How did we get so lucky? Giannis has improved his game each year more than anyone in the league. He can do anything. He dribbles like a guard, craft like a forward, and has the energy that we have never seen before. The most important characteristic about him….He is a Leader. Being from Greece, he is seen as an outside to other stars in the league. He didn't grow up playing AAU with the other stars, he doesn’t have that NBA family mentality the other stars have, and I LOVE it. The sky is the ceiling for this dude. I’m so excited to be able to watch him for the foreseeable future.

  4. Brook Lopez. Don’t look now, but other than LeBron James, the best signing in free agency might be……..our man Brook Lopez. Who would've thunk it? Averaging 12/4, he does more than what his numbers say. People forget Brook Lopez was a perennial all-star in his career and has found ways to mold his game to be able to stay relevant in an ever so changing league. Brook can score the ball in multiple ways including from deep. Being able to chuck it from behind the arc allows the Bucks to be able to spread the floor and keep rim protectors away from the hoop. Look at the picture below, in a close game with the West-leading Nuggets, LOOK WHERE BROOK IS PULLING FROM. He made the shot btw.


This has been quite the year for professional sports in MKE, and it’s only going to get better. Imagine being from Iowa and not having any pro teams…..Yikes. For the Bucks, it is critical to finish the first-half strong. This year more than ever without LeBron in the East, home field advantage in the playoffs will be of the most importance. With a couple tough games coming up with the Rockets, Thunder, and Raptors in January…. our team will be tested.

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Bucks in 6

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Corey Kaiser