Easiest Way To Deal With Winter in Wisconsin

This is a sure-fire way to help you deal with the weather we have been having in Wisconsin. This isn't normal. Bars are closing. People are buying milk by the crates. People are trying to do stupid things to get seen on social media. What a World.

So, I have the easiest way for all of you to deal with Winters especially like this garbage we’re dealing with right now. Not going to be a long blog, just a quick to the point lil write-up. So if you hate the cold as much as I do, this is the only way to get rid of the negative aspects of the cold, long winters.

  1. Find Your Valuables That You Cant Live Without. We need you to look around your house or apartment and prioritize your valuables by what you don’t need and what you can’t live without. Bag up them valuables and move on to step 2.

  2. Pick a City Thats Warm. This is tough. You will need this to step to be critical in moving on to the finish line. Find a city or different country that is warmer than here which is honestly very easy at the moment, but for purposes find an area that is hot hot hot. Make sure you can see yourself thriving in this area without looking back to this hell hole.

  3. Book a One-Way Flight. Very easy step to explain. Book the soonest flight that will get you up and out of here. The sooner, the better.

  4. MOST CRITICAL STEP! Now that your flight is booked, there are a couple things you must acquire. OK. You will need to get a gas can preferably with gas in it along with some matches. You will need to do this inside the house since it’s just too unbearable outside to even think about doing this step. Spread the gas around as you say your last goodbye. Now, burn the fucking place to the ground and head to the airport. You will ditch your plates on the car or use Uber to get there and allow your car to burn in the garage. You want nothing to do with that car…. battery is shot from -60 weather and it’s just memories of the Winter we don’t need in our lives.

  5. Hop On The Plane…. And Don’t Look Back. Self-explanatory.

Congrats! if you have followed my simple steps, you are gone and out of this awful weather. Sure, you just burned your house and made yourself seem very suspicious, but your in warm weather.


Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder