Winter..... Get The Hell Out Of Here.

Oh gosh. Winter Wonderland. The sights… the beauty…. the essence.

Get this shit outta here.

So many people have the best attitude towards Winter in the Midwest, trying to stay positive in the months of despair. The snowmobile clubs get their love in the couple of days they get to ride around our area without having to go North. So… I guess good for them.

In my opinion, I was completely fine with the snow…. fine with the dark days… but when you start bringing in negative temp days. That is where the shit hits the damn fan here at Cor’s Corner. That is where I draw my foot in the metaphorical sand. Enough is enough.

If you expect people to be even up to their normal standards at work with what gets accomplished, you’re crazy. Without windchill, the high for the next three days are -2, -14, and -3. THE HIGHS. Unacceptable. Just in shoveling enough room for my fiancé to get her Traverse out of the driveway… I thought my face was going to fall off. I instantly decided the shop is closed at that point. Nobody is coming to shop during this weather, so I decided to just put a nice ole deal out there for shopping on the site! Check it out… 20% off any order over $25 using the code 608FAMILY!

Anyways, I am so done with snow. I’d rather just take my car from bar to bar instead of a snowmobile, I absolutely hate slush and salt especially when I’m trying to have a strong shoe game, I’m done being cold, and last but not least… I am done worrying about slipping on the friggin’ ice. Just got myself a sowed up labrum in my left shoulder, no need to be having my chubby ass falling all over the place.

Buuuttttttttt, to get Everyone through their day, here is a quick Video of people falling because let’s make this clear if it’s not you, it's absolutely hilarious.

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder