Top 5 TV Shows To Watch At This Very Moment


To be quite honest, I was going to write this about myself re-watching Games of Thrones, but thought that doesn't do “Cor’s Corner” justice. So instead, I am going to make the most out of this snowy weather and bring to you the best 5 shows to dive into AT THIS EXACT MOMENT.

Here. We. Go.

  1. Games of Thrones (7 seasons)- Did you not expect me to start off with this banger of a show. This show would be of major important due to the long episodes and time it would take but Season 8 is supposedly going to be EPIC and must-watch TV. The new season comes out in April, so YOU STILL HAVE TIME. Many people think, “I wouldn't like the show about dungeons & dragons”, and I would reply with get off your high horse and expand your horizons. This show is so much more than that. It shows the medieval time period that many houses fight for the rights to the Iron Throne. It is action-packed and absolutely FULL of surprises. Trust me on that. Get a move to it. Only downfall here is if you don’t have an HBO account, you will have to get it. So worth it so either open an account or use a friends.

  2. YOU (1 season)- OK. OK. OK. I am only three episodes through, but this is such a good show so far. The reasoning I haven’t finished is because I am participating in the “couples show” idea where I must watch it with my fiancé. See…. usually whenever this happens, my impatience takes over and I binge it before she has even time to finish the episode we were on in the first place. Oops. But, not this time, I told myself it’s time for change. Anyways, this show is about a complete stalker boy who is the bookstore clerk who latches on to a pretty girl in the city and will go to any heights to make sure she’s his. It’s very exciting and creepy at the same time, if that makes any sense. This show is very new and can be found on Netflix…watch watch watch!

  3. Entourage (8 seasons)- I honestly didn't start or finish this show until last year even though it came out in 2004. This show is about a star, Vince, to leave Queens with his buddies to head to California to live the high life. Over the seasons, Vince & his entourage go through highs and lows of being in the Hollywood lifestyle. This is exactly what Everyone young kid aspiring to be something bigger can relate to when dreaming of this type of lifestyle, so it’s very interesting. There is a lot of girls, partying, and big-name celebrities who join the show. I would strongly encourage watching.

  4. The Office (9 seasons)- I get it. This show is one of the most-watched, popular shows EVER. I don’t get how I could honestly go about typing 10 other shows to watch other than this one. I have watched this show over and over and over. You know it is a great show when you can watch it over and over without getting bored of the content. If you for some reason live under a rock, the show is about an office manager, Michael Scott, who uses unique techniques in the office place. It’s absolutely hilarious, especially with the perfect characters in the show. Must watch.

  5. Stranger Things (2 seasons)- I was late to the party on this show, too. Damn I suck. But, this is a show that brings many different fictional realms together. It’s about a boy, Will, who goes missing next to some old government laboratory in Indiana that is not open to the public. After his disappearance, his friends think something supernatural is going on with the situation, which in fact is true. So, you will find out that a lot of paranormal/supernatural shiiiiiiit is going on with alternate dimensions like “The Upside Down” and a younger teen escapes the laboratory and runs into the boys. They soon figure out she has special abilities. This show is WILD and filled with exciting turns. Another must watch show.

    Honorable Mention

    Parks & Recreation (7 seasons), Breaking Bad (5 seasons), Friends (10 seasons), Ballers (4 seasons), & How I Met Your Brother (9 seasons)

Now, this isn't my exact order of how much I loved the shows since that would be completely different. But, this is the shows that I would start at this exact moment if I hadn't seen any of them. I am a huge TV Show junkie, so if you haven't watched some of these….cancel dinner plans this weekend, don’t go work out after your job…. grab a shitload of ice cream or popcorn.. AND GET AFTER IT.

You will thank me later. Or you wont. I could care less. SHARE your TV Shows that I or anyone else should watch!

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder

Corey Kaiser