We NEED NCAA Football Back

Alright. Alright. Alright.

This has been a movement on social media forever. But, I have had enough. Last Friday, our good friend Jason brought his ps3 up to the Shedquarters for usage since its retro as hell and he doesn't use it that much. He has Fridays off so we typically spent most of the afternoon in between customers coming in and out playing games of NCAA Football 14’. Easily one of the best games ever to hit the gaming market.

Let’s dive into this a little bit. Let’s try to hit on reasons this game needs to be re-done and allowed for the newer generations to enjoy just as much as I did when I was younger. Hell, I would get hooked in two seconds.

First, I get the reason why the game got pulled. With the huge debate on if student-athletes should be allowed compensation for being good at a sport and making mega bucks for the NCAA. Why couldn't they find a middle ground in order to get this game to the gamers? In my honest opinion, their could've been a solution that works for Everyone. Since the athletes aren't being paid for their performance on the field, why cant they be paid royalties for being in the game? Now, obviously, it would be virtually impossible for EA Sports to pay each school in the game in order to pay the entire team.

Let’s see….

In NCAA Football 14’, there are 126 teams. Let’s do the math. With 126 teams and 70 players per team.. that is roughly 8,820 players on the game. Since the last version of this game was merely 5 years ago, the data of 1 million copies sold wouldn't do our argument justice. Madden 19’, the latest game of the series, got 130 million copies sold. Let’s say NCAA Football gets 100 million copies sold to make this fair since it’s hypothetical. At the average price for the game of $60, EA Sports would make $6 billion. Hmmmmm. Seems like a decent amount. But, i’m sure they would have to divy that up between the makers of the game, they would easily be left with over $5 billion. I’m not mathematician, but it seems there would be a way to be able to pay each player around $30,000 along with paying each team. Not to mention, they could accept money from big brands for marketing their attire in the uniforms.

My head hurts.. lets talk about why this could be the biggest game on the market in 2019.

  • Dynasty Mode. Im honestly playing this as we speak, and it’s amazing. The ability to start as an offensive coordinator with a rinky dink team and run your path to creating a dynasty. As we speak, I’m piss pounding NC State with Wake Forest as the offensive coordinator, and LOVING every second. The coolest thing about this is recruiting. Having the opportunity to find players within the pipeline states, top 100, and more. Imagine if there were cut scenes with the recruits where you had to make decisions on the spot on visits in order to get recruits or options to watch him play. The options are endless on what they could do. But, to me, this is so cool because there are no other game like that in the sports world where you basically get to mold the shape of your team. Now, can you imagine being able to play online with your friends? OH HOW MESSY THAT CAN GET. Fighting over recruits to fighting for spots in the CFB Playoff. That would be a rush and could get ugly quick.

  • Big Name Players. Now more than ever, big-time playmakers are getting more and more awareness from the media. Players like Tua Tagovailoa, Kyler Murray, Johnathan Taylor, Ed Oliver, Dwayne Haskins, and so many more. Back in the older games, they wouldnt have the names, so you would have to download new rosters. If there were to be a reboot of the series, this would be a huge hit by having the namesakes of the biggest names in football.

  • New Proficiencies With More Innovation. With the game being so old, I hate how terrible the graphics are compared to Madden 19’ or new games that we all play. If this reboot happened, can you imagine the graphics within Dynasty or Road to Glory? Can you imagine all the cut scenes that would make the game so memorable? They would be able to add so much to an already popular series. It would be EPIC!

  • The College Football Playoffs. How much fun would it have been to be able to play in this bowl mania system including the playoffs? You would be able to fight for your chance to make the CFB Playoffs in the Dynasty. It would allow you to take in the great graphics, big stadiums, and huge moments.

  • Mascot Mode. Dear God does anyone else remember this???? The epic matchups of the elephant from Alabama vs the Orange of Syracuse. Every player was the mascot. This was legit hilarious and would be a nice change of pace to the gameplay. Even imagine playing online verse others in this mode. Would be NUTS.

  • Road To Glory Mode. We all remember one of the first NCAA Football games with Road to Glory where the setting was in your dorm room, trying to become the heisman winner from whatever school you played for. We all remember when they added some high school games to make things interesting. This route could be very fun when you add scenes and other aspects to make it realistic. You could bring back the option to send your player to Madden, which was cooler than hell.

Would you want to see this game reboot? Do you think it will ever happen? Only time will tell. All the memories I have sunk into this game. This could 100% be the reason why I blimped up in 2nd grade and definitely not the copious amounts of sugar and carbs. Nonetheless, I would love to see a way that this can compensate towards players and give the gamers one of the best series known to man.

EA Sports, you know what to do.

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder