Brewers Ink Catcher Grandal for 1 year, $18.25M

Always love January Brewers news, right?

Trying to vamp up the roster and fill needs throughout the depth chart, catcher was one of the priorities. In an offseason that has been stagnant for big-time players, Brewers get on the board with a pick acquisition.


Now, I know many Brewers fans have the faintest memory of his play verse our hometown club in the NLCS. But, if you look statistically throughout the whole year, her was one of the top 5 best at his position. Being known for one of the most consistent catchers in the league, Grandal batted .240/.341/.441 with 113 HR & 339 RBI’s in seven seasons with the Padres and Dodgers. During that span, he had a remarkable .792 OPS which only trails the Cubs’ Contreras and Giants’ Posey.

BUT, his value doesn't it stop there.

Grandal is among the bestselling catchers at pitch-framing. In this case, he is able to frame pitches close to the strike zones as strikes, which is a very valuable piece among an already great pitching staff.

What makes this a huge deal is that the Brewers haven't had above-average catcher play since Jonathan Lucroy in 2015. With a talented outfield, deep infield, and dominate bullpen…. this is the move Stearns had to make.

What makes this interesting is that Grandal turned down some lucrative offers to sign in MKE, including the qualifying offer to stay in Los Angeles and a huge 4 year, $50 million deal from the Mets. According to sources, Grandal wanted something in the $65 million ballpark and the Mets wouldn't budge. Nonetheless, Yasmani is our guy moving forward, making the highest payroll on the team. One year deals are very advantageous for ball clubs like the Brewers as there aren’t any commitments long-term.

We will all pay close watch as the Brewers keep looking to better the team throughout the offseason. Overall, not a bad day for Brewers’ fans.

Corey Kaiser

the608, Founder