Why This Brewers Team is Different


I sat on my couch watching the game yesterday and all I could think….. this team is different. Playing against a team in the Central, Hader gave up the lead by allowing 3 runs——we still win. In the many years before that, I would unfortunately say that we would’ve not been able to do this. But, this team is different. There are many reasons why this team is different. Let me tell you why.

  1. Christian Yelich. This is the most dominating half of a year we have ever seen from a player in a Brewers uniform. This man will win MVP and there is no doubt in my mind anyone is even close. Look at these numbers in the NL for a hot second. Batting average is .321 (1st), 32 HRs (9th), 98 RBI’s (7th), 109 Runs (2nd), 21 SB’s (9th), .576 SLG (1st), .967 OPS (1st). Wow. Lock this man up forever. We all fell in love with him.

  2. Don’t Forget LoCain. In the midst of Yelich dominating the second half of the season. People are forgetting the year Lorenzo Cain is having. People were cautious of his big deal when the Brewers got him due to his age, but the organization knew exactly what they were getting into especially since he was apart of the Brewers before being shipped off to the Royals. He doesnt have a lot of the numbers due to leading off but, he is batting at a extremely high average and is on base soooooo much. Like honestly, I have never seen anyone one work a count like Cain. Having a guy who can get on base a lot and has World Series experience, this is a HUGE reason I believe in this team.

  3. Depth. The Brewers were very active during the season with many trades improving the team. Before the deadline, they traded for 3B Moustakas, 2B Schoop, RP Soria, CF Granderson, and SP Gonzalez. I have never seen us this active in the trade market, but I love it. It means were trying to compete for a WS, or at least a chance. The trades seem to have worked out even though its taking a little more time than we thought for some of the players to settle in. But, Gio has pitched well since being acquired, Granderson has hit in a lot of clutch situations off the bench, Schoop started to come into his own, Soria just pitched a dominant game yesterday, and Moustakas is looking to do the same in October. Let’s also not forget about the trade to get C Kratz from the Yankees., an older player who was deemed to be on the backend of his career has done a lot of good things for us. Add that to young talent like Broxton, Arcia, and Domingo—-that excites me. This will be one of the telling signs if were ready or not—-on if these players truly make us that much better.

  4. Dominant Bullpen. Now, it seams like every relief pitcher we have has gone through some sort of rough patch. Yet, with one week left, it seems like every pitcher is coming into their own. Having a dominant pen or even pitcher can change a series in October, as the Cubs when Aroldis Chapman lead them to a ring. I believe we have something similar to that in Josh Hader. He has his games where people catch his speed and knock him around. But, with his velocity and make-up, it is very tough to get to him in an inning of seeing him. It usually takes a couple times to figure him out. After him we have Joakim Soria. Jeremy Jeffries. Freddy Peralta. Corbin Burnes. Brandon Woodruff. Corey Knebel. I love this team.

  5. Our Latest Stretch. Lastly, we are about a week away from the playoffs, and were not going away like usual. Normally, we have fallen apart at the seems and found ourselves closer to .500 than competing. Now, we are thriving through the later stretch of the season. In September, I swear we havent lost many series if at all. We find ourselves only 1 1/2 GB of the Cubs with two more against the Cardinals to go. I have seen a lot of things happen. It would be ashame……if……..we were…..to catch them.

We will see coming down the stretch how we do in October, but I am very confident this year. We have so much talent, new faces, and experience on this roster to come up short. Not only are we playing well, but other than the Cubs, the rest of the NL seems very beatable. The spotlight has been on the AL with so many powerhouses like the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees, Indians, and even the Athletics. This can be a very sneaky postseason as we try to make a run. Our time is now, folks.

We all have all of those Cubs fans, whether if it’s our family or friends, that treat us like SCUM because they just dont think we have it in us to take them down. I deal with it firsthand with my best friend acting like he is Theo Epstein’s son. They think that they have more talent, market, and money. Nothing would be more satisfying is doing what we did last series vs them in the playoffs. To be able to beat them, prove we can compete when they spend more money & have a bigger market, would be tits. Yes——it would be the tits.