Cancer Sucks: In Memory of Ray Kuhl

Cancer sucks. The feeling that this riddled part of life takes away the ones who mean the most to us. It always seems like it takes the ones that least deserve it. The people that deserved better. Now, I am writing this in the mourning of Ray Kuhl, a family friend and role model to many in our community. People always ask God why he takes the ones who least deserve it and we will never know the answer.

According to The National Cancer Institute, in 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed and roughly 609,640 people will die from the disease. Wow. When I look at the cases of cancer that have happened around the area and think about all the people that it affected, imagine that 609,640 times. Again, cancer sucks.

We sit here on Earth trying to find the answers as to why this happens to the best people, but sometimes start wondering whose next. As life happens to all of us, we must remember to take advantage of every f***ing second we have because we never know when it will end. Hug a little tighter. Say I love you more. Help others in need. Live life to the fullest. It makes you think a little more in-depth about the decisions we make in life.

On this day, all I can think about is how bad I feel for the Kuhl family. I knew Ray through being great friends with his two sons, Connor & Zach. Whether it was hanging with Connor at the house in grade school or having a beer with Zach at the Mall, I grew to know Ray pretty well. Ray was one of the most generous guys I know. He would do absolutely anything for anyone without expecting anything in return, and I see that a lot in Connor & Zach. My first memory of Ray was when I worked with Connor all Summer and he asked me to spend the night. After work, Ray picked us up in his Work truck where we had to sit three deep in the front. Oblivious to the situation, I took the middle seat. Connor looked at me and laughed as if I made the wrong decision. I had no clue what was going on. Sure enough, about a quarter of the way to their house, Ray gave me a good ole elbow to the kidney saying, “Just making sure your paying attention”. At that point, I figure out why Connor was laughing at me. As I became great friends with Connor through the years, it seemed like it was normal for Ray to call us a bunch of dumba**** for the things we did. He definitely wasn’t wrong. I didnt know Zach much until I was older and moved into Kieler. I grew close to him when we would have too many beers talking sports at the Mall. But, many times, Ray would join us for a bit. He would laugh with us and have a couple, usually ending in us giving Zach a hard time about everything and anything. Today, we must remember Ray for all the great memories we’ve enjoyed with him.

Ray had a big impression on so many people. When I look at Facebook at all the shared posts about their memories with him, it’s hard not to tear up. The Kuhl family is one of the greatest group of people I have ever met. Of course, Ray & Lisa had their hands FULL with those boys as I found out first hand. Last Friday night when all of his close friends were at the Mall having one for him, you could tell all the heavy hearts as we try to remember all the fond memories we’ve had.

On this tough day, we pray for their family through this tough time. For the whole family—Lisa, Zach, Connor, Riley, & Rachel— We’re always here with open arms for you guys in your time of need. We all love you guys dearly. We hope all 608ers take a moment of your day to remember Ray. Take a moment to realize what we lost this weekend with one of the most generous, comical, and genuine people in our area.

Love you Ray. We will all miss you.

Corey Kaiser