The Guy Behind AE12: Alex Erickson

Man. What a week. Last week we finally got to meet the man behind the brand, Alex Erickson. It's crazy to think the first time we meet is the day we launch the line. But, this dude is crazy busy. We have obviously been in contact figuring out the details to the line, but it was great to finally be able to get to know him in person.

IMG_1158 2.JPG

In the time we had with him, we took all the pictures for the products on the site and had the pleasure for him to join the new podcast, the608 Show. We talked about a lot of things including what he likes to do other than be rather good at the game of football. Alex loves being outdoors and being with his friends and family. 

We got some of the inside scoop on what it's like to be in the highest league of competitive football. He talks about how tough and intense it is during training camp and the season. Think about it. Being at the facility from 7am-9pm. Thats quite the day. I'm pretty sure my body would break down in a quick hot minute. But hey, thats why he's there because he's built for that moment. NFL players have been prepping for this moment for years and years. He does mention how lucky he was to have the preparation that UW gave him for the pros. Thats probably why Badgers are getting picked off in the big leagues more and more every year. We also got to talk about what he expects from the Bengals and himself this year. He believes he put himself in a good spot in the Spring to work for more playing time in the WR room as we all know how dangerous he is as a returner. He had high hoped for the squad this year as he should. The Bengals have been close for the past couple years but injuries and unlucky bounces have set them back. We hope for a great year for him and the team!

But, the reason Alex is great for the brand isn't all about his success on the field. He is a genuine, class-act guy who always does the right thing. Just in my short time meeting him last Wednesday, I knew how special of a dude he truly is. When I contacted him on the idea of starting his own clothing brand, we shared the same interests on why. We both know how great our area is, especially the people. In the podcast, he kind've touches on the work ethic and family-like atmosphere that represents us. He is honestly perfect for being our main focus because everything that led him to this point is what represents our area. He is a very hardworking man who busted his ass to get to where he is now. 

So, officially, I want to welcome Alex to the Family! We cannot wait for what's in store. 



Corey Kaiser