The Best Holiday of the Year

The 4th of July. Ahhh... It just feels patriotic saying it. In this post, I will be the sure-fire representative of this holiday being the best.... ever.

OK, lets chat about all the reasons as to why we should cherish this holiday more than any other. So before I go on this venture, I will say that Christmas can be valid up to the point you start rapidly drinking Busch Lite on the weekends.... and Thanksgiving will ALWAYS be a close second due to the amazing food and hangover from Thanksgiving Eve at the Kieler Mall. Alright enough on that. Let's start.

My first reason why this is the best holiday known to the planet Earth is because it's why we have our freedom. I mean c'mon its Independence Day! United States of America actually became a thing when we adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and weren't apart of the British Empire. It started with a couple colonist being like, " Yeah..... sorry British, we don't want to be apart of your group anymore". It's crazy to even wrap our brains around that but people were badass back then. I guess thats why we call it "history". 

Enough with the History Kais. I honestly hated that subject since I was a little kid. Anyways.. Onto our second reason. One of the best parts other than the origination of the 4th of July, we get to wear as much red, white, and blue as possible. Last year I wore an American flag onesie that was a shorts version because lets get real. Im a large individual that can hardly outstand the heat in shorts and a tank. But for real, this is one of the best things possible. To me, red and blue are my favorite colors, so seeing a whole bunch of people come out of the woodwork in patriotic clothing is downright amazing.

We can't forget the Dubuque fireworks. If you have lived close enough to the Mississippi River, than you know exactly what I'm talking about. They put on one of the coolest fireworks show in the area. We all remember being a little kid, listening to the show through the closest radio, and enjoying all the Oooh and Ahhh moments of the show. Now that I am older, I watch it down by the Yardarm while having one cold beverage. Just one. But c'mon, fireworks never get old and it doesn't matter how old you are. Drinking a cold refreshment while watching some badass fireworks. 

Next, we have the Kieler Picnic. This is hands down the reason why this is my favorite holiday. I have been apart of this since I became eligible to work the damn thing. Even though I spent a good fortune of my parents money winning ALL of the cups at dime toss so I could go play baseball with my friends instead of working---It was all worth it. The Kieler Picnic is a hidden gem to the people that don't live close enough to enjoy the wonderful event. They have a beer tent (which I now work at), a live band, great food and ice cream, and a million games. Think about it, if you are a parent, give your kid as much money to leave you alone while you inhale some quality beverages under probably the biggest and oldest tree in the 608. The Kieler Picnic has always held a spot in my heart, even tho the reasoning behind it has changed. For instance, I used to love stuffing the back of my Dad's truck with as many prizes as possible. Now, I'd settle with winning maybe $25 bucks of pull tabs and instantly turning it into beer tickets for me and my friends. Not to mention, I work the last shift of the beer tent this year...come join. Overall, I gave probably the most heartfelt answer, but this Picnic is the bee's knees. Join us this year and see why.

Lastly, its where the whole town of Kieler + more get together to have fun. There aren't many events where we all get together like this. But, this is what it is all about. As a small community, we must find ways to enjoy each other's company as much as the next person. The Fourth of July Picnic is one of those ways. This is where kids get to hand out with their classmates and parents get to enjoy some music and drinks. Not to mention the chicken is amazing at the picnic.. JUST SAYING. But even after the Picnic is coming to an end, the fun doesn't stop. We get to stop down to Gooch's Greenhouse for another great event. Gooch has been putting on a post-Picnic part for quite some time now. It is one of the coolest things. We all are usually pretty in the bag at this point. Oh well. They have live music outside with great service, drinks, and food. The show usually comes to an end after hours, but once it gets dark, they put on a firework show across the street at the Park. All in all, this day is amazing.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy some time with Family and Friends over the Holiday even though its on a Wednesday. I hope everyone has a great weekend and hope to see you at the Beer Tent Wednesday afternoon.