Our First Video: Gooch's Greenhouse

Finally, we finished the video. It's not that it took forever to film and edit, but getting the crew together wasn't as easy as we planned along with laptop issues. Overall, it worked out well! the608 Community is all about spreading the love to all local businesses in the Midwest and we thought, why not start with our hometown pizza joint? 

Gooch's Greenhouse has been a staple in our area for many years, being known for great food and service. The business is family-owned by Brian (Gooch) and Molly Lucey. The Greenhouse serves a wide variety of food including pizza, wings, fish, burgers, and much more. And, of course, they serve alcohol, domestic beers, IPA's, etc. They thrive off their great environment by having wonderful service between their bartenders and cooks. Also, they have outside areas in front and in back of the building, which are great for summer! The back area is used a lot for reserved parties with seating, lights, and private service for food/drinks. 


So, stop down with the fam, throw the kiddos in the game room, have a couple low cal burs, and most importantly have a good time! Oh whats that, you want to stay in? Then order a to-go! 

As this is our first video, we hope that it gets easier for us to make them. The videos and blogs will be a wide range of content for everyone! So take it easy on us!

We will be looking for our second feature in the next week in order to keep promoting what makes this area the best! If you have a company in mind, dont hesitate to call, email, or comment below!


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