Welcome to the Community!

Hey guys!

Were going to try something new on the website! We are going to start a blog that will contain a lot of free-ranging content from special contests to unique ways to promote businesses and places from around the area. Since we are a platform for ways to show how special the Midwest area is, we are going to find cool ways to bring out the best aspects of each individual town!


I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on this! Not only are we a spot for apparel, we want to bring the smaller businesses like us to light about what they do best! As a community, we will represent everyone! We were told when we were little to treat others with the respect you would want, and that mentality is going to be applied to here in a business form. 

Some ideas that we have thought of were Bloody Mary Sundays where we rank the best bloody marys in the Midwest, Biggest Prime Rib, or Best Up and Coming Business! These aren't permanent, but its a start! If you have any other ideas to help bring local businesses to light, comment them on here or email us!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE MAKE THE SNOW STOP!

Yours Truly,


Corey KaiserComment