On To Marquette........

On To Marquette.

After taking care of Rutgers last night, time for the in-state battle. But, before I touch on our upcoming match-up. I do want to say, Rutgers basketball team will definitely get some nice wins this year in the B1G. They are physical and have some nice guards in the backcourt.


BUT, we beat em’. Looked a little iffy right away. Doesn’t matter. WIN. These are critical games when trying to build off a hot start, beat the teams you’re supposed too. After being down at half, we came out of the half with some urgency and took control early. Happ, Trice, and Davison are leading this team. Pritzl is the definition of “shoot to get hot”, but only is his shots finally falling, he is coming up with timely defensive stops and rebounds. Kobe King is coming into his alone and to top it off Aleem Ford magically came back a month early.

OK. Moving forward. Marquette has had a good start to their season, competing in a close game with Kansas and showing they can score, topping 70 points a couple times. Only remark that isnt so nice is they got whooped by Indiana, but thats not a bad loss.

With the game being at Marquette, this game will be very tough. This is always a big pride game between the two schools. But, if this Wisconsin team has showed anything, they grind. This game will be a battle.

Lets go get this dub