Badgers Pull Off Win Against NC State

What a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Wisconsin Badgers Basketball faced NC State in the annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge last night and boy did it not disappoint. The Badgers ended up winning, 79-75.

In a game that almost felt not meant to be throughout the 75% of the game. It seemed like the Wolfpack were getting all the rolls and stomping on our momentum every single time. Yet, the resiliency of this team prevailed.

The whole second half, we kept doing this little thing called, “ Make a run and get close……down 10… make a run and get close….down 10”. Everytime we made a run at them, they seemed to diffuse it the next possession. Give credit where credit is due, NC State played a hell of a game. They have some scary guards in Dorn & Johnson. I honestly thought Johnson was going to be their best player on their team but with a little research, I saw Dorn was their leading scorer throughout the year even though his shot has absolutely 0 % arch on the damn thing. Seriously, the ball barely makes it over the rim. Also, talk about that d-bag, Kelly Olynk clone on their team. Yeesh. That’s besides the point, back to the Badgers.

I’m unsure if the team we sported last year could’ve fought this hard and took so many punches and came out victorious. This team is just… different. Being able to put Davison back at the two guard and have Trice run the point is something special. They seem to have a special bond moving forward. Add in an All-American in Ethan Happ, a healthy Aleem Ford/Kobe King, shooters off the bench in TreMamba & Pritzl…I like what we have here.

Ethan Happ 19 pts/11 reb/ 3 as, D’Mitrik Trice 18 pts/6 as/ 1 dagger, Brad Davison 12 pts/2 as/5 charges/Infinity grit Aleem Ford 12 pts on 4-7 3-pt shooting. Let’s go!

Overall, the team showed some major grit last night in coming from behind to beat a dangerous ACC team in the Wolfpack.


the608family has the blessed opportunity to be right there during every home game, so check out our Instagram & Facebook story, @the608family to see our view of the Badgers! The picture is kind’ve blurry, but I wanted to show the picture of me in my 608 beanie while Davison took the game clinching charge. Bingo ————————->