Thankful. We are now one day away from Thanksgiving. The day we give thanks to everything we are blessed to have in our lives. The day we must remember how lucky we are to be where we are in life.

Since we opened in March, it has been quite a ride. A rollercoaster. An experience I will never forget. Throughout the whole adventure, we have learned a lot. Honestly. We have learned this industry isn’t the easiest thing to enter into. You must put in countless hours of inventory, uploading media, idea-searching, networking, and much more. But it’s so so so worth it, man.

So, on the day of Thanksgiving Eve, I want to say thanks to Everyone who has allowed our brand to be someone, something. The main goal of the brand was to give people from our area a way to show their pride in their hometown, their work ethic, their character, etc. Even though we all are from different hometowns, we were brought up in the same manner. And to me, that’s what this is about.

I don’t want to waste all of your Wednesday with this sappy post, but I truly want to thank Everyone. From Mary Monson for letting us come to her farmer’s market to Alex Erickson for building his brand through us to Gooch for believing in us and being our first collaboration to my parents for believing in this brand. I could go on and on with everyone who has joined the family and how much I am thankful and appreciative of all of you.

Now, moving forward. We have a lot of ideas for this brand in the future whether it’s along the lines of expanding to more area codes, building up our store with new ideas, more bloggers, etc. We plan on showing Everyone that doesn’t understand how amazing this area truly is.

Kieler. Cuba City. Mount Hope. Potosi. Darlington. Rockville. Mount Horeb. Madison. Dodgeville. New Glarus. Every town in the608 needs to be represented in the right way.

I hope Everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving with their family & friends! All hunters, be safe in your stand and shoot straight! And for Everyone participating in Thanksgiving Eve…… Let’s GOOOOOO!



Corey Kaiser