Kieler's 1st Annual .08K Walk/Fun

It’s Monday. The Brewers are done. The Badgers lost…again. The Packers lost…thanks #88. Very easy to fall into the trap of making this a miserable week.


PJ’s Pub is making history along with Gooch’s Greenhouse, The Kieler Mall, The Village Bar, & the608 by creating the first ever .08k walk! What a WILD SATURDAY. Something you will tell your kids you participated in. The route is as follows: Village Bar, Gooch’s Greenhouse, Kieler Mall, and ending at PJ’s Pub. Each bar will be slotted a certain time frame ending at Pj’s with a concert. Oh, by the way. by buying your tickets early, you will get a limited edition the608 Kieler Mall Loop Tee.

Now, lets talk about Kieler, Wisconsin. One of the most historic, unincorporated towns in Southwest Wisconsin. The staple of Kieler has been the amount of Pubs/Restaurants compared to the population. WHAT A RATIO. We are extremely blessed to be able to have so much to do in such a small town. Let’s break down why these bars are so phenomenal.


The Village Bar. One of the only supper clubs we have left it feels like in the area. Speaking from experience since I tended bar there for about 3 years. Kurt & Shelley do a wonderful job as she cooks and he drinks with the customers, I mean tends bar and seats people! They specialize in Prime Rib which comes in what seams like a wheel barrel (40 oz!). They have excellent service, cocktails, and food!

Gooch’s Greenhouse. Probably the most lit family atmospheres around. It seems like every night Gooch has that place packed full. Known for having the best pizza in Downtown Kieler. But, there are a lot of aspects that go unseen including the wonderful service by all the bartenders/cooks, daily specials for lunch, and the private party area in back. Gooch’s has been a staple in Kieler for a long time. Oh not to mention the608 Show host, Brandon Slaats works there too.

The Kieler Mall. So many memorable moments that actually weren’t remembered. This one hold a special spot in my heart since my parents used to run the bar back in the day. I remember getting off school at HG-IC to help my Mother clean up before she opened. Oh, and maybe steal a Snickers bar. Now, the bar is ran by Chop Moor, assisted by Zach Kuhl. This place has changed over the years where 15 years ago it was mainly a after-work spot for the locals to have their fair-share of beers. Now, the older locals come in around 3 or 4 and it crowd switches to the younger generation around 7 or 8, where it stays until bar time. Some of the greatest memories in my life to date have been in The Kieler Mall.

PJ’s Pub. The new kids on the block. Pete & Jube took over the bar this past year. Since then, they have completely renovated the inside, changed the staff, and added their lineup for food. Not only do they have great food, they also open the hall for private parties, banquets, and public events they host. One of the nicest places ran by Pete & Jube along with a bunch of the Moor/Murphy clan. They do excellent job of offering one stop shop for fun.

Get your tickets to join the fun. Walk the crawl and be apart of the first ever .08K Walk. I mean…cmon… .08K! the608 Crew will be in attendance for the fun, using our drink chips wisely and enjoying the moment. THIS IS THE TYPE OF ACTIVITY I CAN GET BEHIND.

To get your tickets, visit PJ’s Pub on Facebook to order and ensure your badass Kieler Mall Loop Tee.

Cmon, you know you want too. Join the adventure and be apart of history.